YHM Sessions – Winters Island


Ok so we’re all massively, massively excited to share a couple of stripped back, live tracks that the fricking amazing Winters Island came in to YHM Mansions to record a little while ago. Now I know most of you already know of this ridiculously talented, indie electro three piece but if you fancy a bit of a refresher then head over here for the NMT we wrote about them, or here for the full band version (& vid) of their current single ‘Ares’, which incidentally, is one of the tracks they recorded for us below, and is also available for purchase via iTunes now.

Right enough words yeah, let’s get onto the tunes shall we? Yes we shall. First up it’s the best version of Sia’s mega mega mega hit ‘Chandelier’ you’re ever likely to hear…

What a set of bloody pipes eh? And luckily for you we’re actually giving away as a FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Well the band is, the very lovely guys that they are. So yes you can get your very own personal copy by clicking the downward arrow with the line underneath it just below the waveform above (does that make sense?).

Right calm yourself down cos we’ve got some more for ya. Next up, it’s the stripped back version of ‘Ares’, the guys’ current single…

Now I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement, those there tracks are well worthy of going viral. So now it’s up to you guys to help us make that happen. So get sharing all over Twitter, FaceyB, Tumblr, Soundcloud, or whatever other new fangled social media sites you crazy kids are using nowadays. And don’t just stop there, play them to your friends, play ’em to your mum, your old man, your nan, random people in Maccy D’s, your local shop keeper, and anyone else you come into contact with. It needs to be heard, it needs to be heard!! VOTE WINTERS ISLAND (little bit of shit election based humour there for ya). And here’s some more Winters Island links and stuff for you to tag when you get on the share trail (more shit election humour. Soz):

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