YHM Sessions – James Yuill // Carrie (Live)

James Yuill 01 IMG_9157b

It’s YHM sesh time again you guys!! And the big man James Yuill is back again as a follow up to our awesome session with him earlier in the year where he came in and performed one of my personal faves from his second album, Turning Down Water For Air‘The Ghost’ (you reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy need to check that out if you ain’t already yeah). This time around, he’s performing another of my faves (it’s like he knows my taste or something?), but from his most recent record, These Spirits, called ‘Carrie’. And the reason he’s done this? It’s to celebrate the fact that that particular album is now available digitally WORLD-RUDDY-WIDE!! So everyone across the globe now has the opportunity to grab their very own personal copy to ‘Carrie’ around (MEGA LOLZ I nicked that cheeky wordplay from the man himself) everywhere with you, right on your person. And you can find out just how by visiting his store here or heading direct to iTunes here (UK only for this link unfortunately, but I’m sure the nice people from Apple will direct you from there anyway). Before you do head off to buy the album though, how’s about pressing play below and having a listen to Yuilly’s velvety tones on ‘Carrie’. It is why you’re here after all…

Tunnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!! And as I’m sure after that, you’ve now got an insatiable thirst for more Yuill, here are the linkz you need to quench that thirst – Website  // Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter


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