What Happened to The Mini Disc? – They Say Jump


As with last week when we had the ace Model Aeroplanes in for a bit of WHTTMD action, where it also doubled as a bit of an NMT intro to the group too- seeing as it was the first time we’d come into contact with those guys- we’re jumping in two footed for again today, this time with the friggin’ rad, reggae fusion act, They Say Jump. Forming in 2010 and originally fronted by nu soul god & YHM fave, Kwabs, TSJ are now made up of Adrian Benn on vocals, Rhys Owen on saxophone, Ben Pearce on guitar, Sam Edgington on bass guitar, Luke Allwood on keys, Jackson Mathod on trumpet, and Mike Clowes on drums, and very soon, on August 12th, they release their new E.P. Lift Your Mood. And we can tell you, having had a cheeky preview, that it’s a ruddy awesome blend of soul, RnB, jazz, dub, ska & reggae that’ll knock your ruddy socks off. And to prove that point, here’s the E.P.’s title track for ya….

Bonza. Ok so now you know who they are (and you can find out loads more via the links we’ve kindly given you at the end of this post), let’s see what they’re saying WHTTMD-wise shall we?

The Dalston Shuffle – One to impress your hipster mates with

They Say Jump say – ‘Oino’ by LA Priest. Sick Groove, for trimming your beard and tipping your back to front hat to. Serious!

We love that tune. We love the whole LA Priest album in fact (it’s called Inji if you haven’t heard it yet, we highly recommend). Double cool. If we were manly enough to grow beards that weren’t 90% bum fluff we’d defo trim them to that track.

The 2am Grabber – Track to bump ’n’ grind to and ensure you clinch that late night pull

They Say Jump say – ‘Sexual Healing’, Marvin Gaye. A timeless classic from a genius artist – one of the greats that will never get old. We love classic Soul Music.

Boner. Ok apologies for being a bit crass there, but show us a person who doesn’t get a tingle in their pelvic region when they hear that tune, and we’ll show you a liar.

WWE Superstud – Intro music for your wrestling alta ego

They Say Jump say – ‘Bullet In the Head’, RATM. Lyrics are super befitting ‘They Say Jump!’. Super energetic music to get you in the mood.

Damn skippy. If a bit of RATM don’t get you in the mood to get oiled up and ready to rumble, not a lot will my friends.

I Hate You / Please Don’t Leave Me – The one you’d blub along to post break up

They Say Jump say – Bon Iver’s ‘RE:Stacks’. A unique sound. Music to really pour your heart out to. Kleenex at the ready.

Ok bit greedy this guys as normally we only have three choices in a WHTTMD, but seeing as the last pick is a weepy ;( and it’s that darn beautiful (as is any other Bon Iver track in our opinion), we’ll let you get away with it

And that’s your lot boys and girls. Super large thanks to They Say Jump for spoiling us with those pickies. As we said earlier, we’ve got some linkz at the ready for you to go find out more about the guys below, and we suggest we do just that, but if you wanna check out our extensive archive of WHTTMDs before you do so, you need to be clicking HERE.



For more on They Say Jump – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Website