What Happened to The Mini Disc? – Pi Ja Ma


A little over a month ago we introduced you to the wonderful Pi Ja Ma over in the NMT- well, Jasper did anyways. And in that little introductory post he described her latest single and title track to her debut E.P. (out in full this very FRIDAY, 15th July wouldn’t ya know!!), as a ‘wonderful piece of 60s indebted alt pop’, and the rest of us here at YHM wholeheartedly agree. Which is why we’ve posted it again below so you can have a listen in case ya missed it first time round (you can also read Jasper’s original post by clicking HERE if ya really want)…

Nice hey? YEPPPP! Why are we talking Pi Ja Ma again though? Obvs, it’s in the title. Because she’s the latest to have a little crack at our WHTTMD that’s why. So let’s shift on. First up, let’s get trendy with…

The Dalston Shuffle – One to impress your hipster mates with

Pi Ja Ma says, ‘Little Wings’ by Mark Gormley. It reminds me Mac Demarco videos and the singer is so cute and into it. This kind of video is really hipster in 2016.

WOW. Just WOW. And that’s really all you can say about that.

Next up, always one of our WHTTMD fave’s…

Remember Me – The classic old guilty pleasure

Pi Ja Ma says, ‘Voyage Voyage’ by Desireless. I’m the biggest fan of this song, I have a special dance move that i’ve created in my mom’s car.

We’d be lying if we said we understood any words other than Voyage, Voyage, but we do love us some ’80s vibes no matter what the language.

And to round things off, this one goes out to all the recently broken hearted…

I Hate You / Please Don’t Leave Me – The one you’d blub along to post break up

Pi Ja Ma says, Lorraine Ellison’s ‘Stay With Me’. This song is so powerfull and in “The boat that rocked” there is this amazing scene where Chris O’Dowd lip-syncs the song. I do this all the time when I’m sad.

We do it too. But we always bugger up a word here and there 🙁

Here’s the track in it’s full glory now too…

Suddenly got a bit mosh innit.

Ok wipe those tears away. Time to say a big thanks to Pi Ja Ma for her ace contribution to that edition of WHTTMD, brought to you by Your Hands Music. See how we’ve gone all radio presenter’y after The Boat That Rocked vid? Never mind. As we said earlier Pi Ja Ma’s awesome new E.P. Radio Girl‘s out this Friday, 15th July (BUY BUY BUY), and you can keep up with all the release deets, live news and so on and so forth via these links:

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If however you wanna stay with us a little bit longer baby and check out some of the previous bands/ artists doing the WTHHMD thing, then click right HERE

Right, see you kids laterz, we’re off to download Mark Gormley’s back catalogue