What Happened to The Mini Disc? – My Life Story


A couple of weeks back we posted that awesome 90s cult legends My Life Story had a new single out. Well fresh from playing a Borderline residency in London Town at the weekend, they managed to set a bit of time aside to get stuck into a WHTTMD feature for little old us, which is extremely nice of them we’re sure you’ll agree. But before we get into that let’s have another listen to that ace new single with the best song name in (recent) history shall we? Yes we shall…

YESSSSSSIIIIIIIRRRRRR that’s ruddy good. Ain’t lost it have they!! Now before you run off to raid their back catalogue, let’s see what tunes they’ve selected for our listening pleasure, starting with…

Record No.1 – First single you ever bought

My Life Story Say – ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him’ by Joe Jackson. The best thing about growing up through the New Wave / Power pop era was that most of the songs were about
teenage relationships. Girl Talk, She’s My Best Friend Girl etc etc. I was 13 and my entire sex eduction was represented by the charts.
We didn’t have it at school. Too Much Too Young by The Specials came out six months later. These amazing writers taught me more about life than state education.

What a tune to have in your locker when that question comes up at a party!! Ours was…. umm…. cough…. cough… Skee Lo…. and moving swiftly on…

Remember Me – The classic old guilty pleasure

My Life Story Say – ‘Black and White’ by The db’s. Staying with the power pop theme. Some people regard the db’s as one of the first of the genre. It’s such a classic guitar riff but it’s the honest out pouring of dissapointment and vitriol in the lyrics that I find affecting. ‘I don’t enjoy you anymore’ – people don’t really say that to their partners these days, do they!

Well we’re still enjoying them!! Another belter. That ain’t no guilty pleasure in our book. Instantly puts a smile on the face, despite those slightly impolite lyrics.

I Drove All Night – Fave cruisin’ tune

My Life Story Say – ‘Kind OF A Girl’ from Tinted Windows. Ok so we’re obsessed with power pop.. who isn’t? If you don’t like power pop you must be dead inside. Theres not 1 person on the planet that doesn’t like power pop. I bet even Trump and Clinton could bond over a bit of Fountains of Wayne or The Cars. This always gets me putting my foot down on the gas.

Agreed on the power pop front. We’ll get Jasper to tweet The Donald now see how familiar he ever got with Stacey’s Mum…

Big thanks to My Life Story for those picks, thoroughly enjoyed by all we presume and at the very very least by all us guys at YHM. If you fancy combing through our WHTTMD archives to see what some of our other artists came up with then you need to be clicking HERE. Before you do though we suggest you put yourself through a little refresher course of all things My Life Story, cos there’s a whole treasure trove of tip top stuff waiting for ya, and here’s some links to help you do just that-

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See y’all soon