What Happened to The Mini Disc? – Model Aeroplanes


Normally by the time we get round to doing a WHTTMD with an artist or band, we’ve already introduced you to them (or Jasper has) over in the NMT. Not today though. Today we’ve got a bit of a double whammy feature as not only are doing a WHTTMD feature with the four likely lads from Model Aeroplanes, it’s also the first time they’ve featured on this wonderful site in any capacity. Soooooo who are they and where do they come from? Well, we’ve already done the name, we’ve already said there’s four of them. But what we haven’t told you is that they’re Scottish, their names are Ben Buist, Grant Irvine,  Kieran Smith and Rory Fleming-Stewart, and they just recently released their latest single, ‘Whatever Dress Suits You Better’, and that it’s pure hooky as fook, indie pop along the lines of The Pigeon Detectives, The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club to name a few. As you’re just about to find out….

Decent hey. We’ve got some links below, for further reading and such, but now that the the awkward foreplay of a rushed NMT section’s over with, let’s get on to full penetration of the WHTTMD shall we?

First up and becoming a bit of a fave recently, time to get oiled & St Tropez’d up and don your spandex leotard for the…

WWE Superstud – Intro music for your wrestling alta ego

Model Aeroplanes say – I’m glad you asked this question. We’d have to go for a medley of ‘Freak on a Leash’ by Korn

and ‘B.Y.O.B.’ by System of a Down.

It’s hard not to steel chair someone when you hear either of these songs.

Scary. And keeping the slightly sinister vibe next up we’re going full Bateman…

The American Psycho – Song for your sadistic love making sessions

Model Aeroplanes say – I love hearing ‘How Deep is You Love’ by The Bee Gees whilst making flavorsome love. It’s always a strong choice for a sensual moment or a more intense, whips and chains, kind of vibe.

Flavoursome love? Wonder what kind of flavours we’re talking here? Sage? Cinnamon? Cheddar? And we could go very base at this point but we’re not that kind of blog… What we will say is that our love for The Bee Gees is incredibly deep, as is our love for motoring around town in our Nissan Sunny to tip top tunes…

I Drove All Night – Fave cruisin’ tune

Model Aeroplanes say – ‘Between Me And You’ by Brandon Flowers is THE perfect song for late night driving, especially when we’re on tour and on our way back to a sweet (Travel) Lodge.

We know those trips back to the Travelodge all too well. The night opening up in front of you, clear open roads as the transit hit speeds well in excess of 40mph, the scent of sweat & dirty kebab meat in the air & tunes turned right up on the shitty tinny stereo. Great days.

Big thanks to the Model Aeroplanes boys for their selections this week, as always some true belters in there. And if you’d like to have a gander at some of our previous WHTTMD’s just for shits & giggles, then you need to be clicking HERE. If however you’ve had enough of us 🙁 and wanna scarper quick smart, then you can do a lot worse than check out the MA lads’ pages for ace indie popness, pics, and bantz  via these:

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Right, we’re offski to download some Bee Gees and catch up with the Mrs…