What Happened to The Mini Disc? – Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra


Last week we had Pi Ja Ma in for a little WHTTMD sesh and we must say it was an absolute belter (see HERE). This week let’s see if the bloody marvellous Dan Shears can raise the bar even further shall we? Yes we shall. First though, let’s have a listen to Dan and his Velveteen Orkestra playing their recent ace single, ‘Dressed Up In Sables’…

Top tune that. Okey dokey let’s get this show on the road. First up, we’re gonna dance like our daddies…

Daddy Dancer – What you throw your biggest bestest shapes to

Dan says – Daft Punk and ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’. I do like an excuse to thrust my genitalia at people and this song has always provided a fitting musical backdrop for me to do that. My party piece is that I can mime that vocoder solo perfectly. At a time when my supply of rum and shame were at opposite ends of the scale, I did it in a bar in London Bridge when the song came on. I didn’t realise people were watching until the song ended and I got a massive (though probably sarcastic) cheer from the other punters. The bar staff even rang the bell.

Thrusting genitalia, ringing bells? This is a family show Dan… It’s not really, and we do love a good dancefloor based story though, and also, what a tune to kick things off. Let’s hope Dan’s got more where that came from…

I Hate You / Please Don’t Leave Me – The one you’d blub along to post break up

Dan says – Kent’s ‘Kevlar Soul’. It’s probably not the most helpful of songs when you are hurt or missing someone but there is something that draws you towards lyrics that echo your sense of longing and isolation. “My heart slowly dies, it gets lonely and cold. “She put a hole through my kevlar soul” sings Joakim Berg in the chorus… words that can still, even now, puncture my mood and drag me back to the wallowing upset that has informed or inspired much of my own writing.

Gonna be a bit of an emotional roller coaster this WHTTMD we can tell. And we gave you the lyric vid just to hammer things in for you guys cos we’re nice like that. But don’t worry, Dan’s knocked us down ready to pick us right back up again with the….

WWE Superstud – Intro music for your wrestling alta ego

Dan says – ‘Black Sabbath’ by Black Sabbath. I have spent a worrying length of time thinking about my track for this one. Far longer than any other question I have answered in any interview to date I reckon. I selected at least half a dozen songs that could have been the entrance music to my wrestling alta ego but have gone for this Sabbath song because of the dark atmosphere and epic riff. When I was a kid, I used to watch WWF and did for a time think I might like to become a wrestler. You’ve got to have a monster riff for your entrance music though and this is pretty big. It also starts with all the rain and thunder and demonic bells… I’d probably come out dressed in all black a bit like The Undertaker… only about 18 inches shorter.

Massive tune to finish and The Undertaker was always our fave wrestler too, just cos of this dude (R.I.P.)…


Muchos gracias to Dan the man for sharing those words and songs with us, it’s been real goodie as far as WHTTMD’s go. If you fancy finding out more about him as an artist, person and online entity then here’s some pages for ya-

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