The Weekend Warm Up // Raphaella


A few weeks back Jasper wrote a nice little NMT post about a young lady called Raphaella. In said post he described her as a ‘triple threat Singer/ Writer/ Producer with soulful, dancefloor ready electronic beats.’ Well, when the rest of us here at YHM read that piece and then found out that this same multi talent wanted a crack at our WHTTMD feature, we obviously jumped at the chance to find out what kind of vibes make her tick. Before we get into her selections though, we thought we’d give you guys a little retread of those substantial talents via one of her previous singles, ‘Fall’….

Lovely stuff. Right, let’s get it on like King Kong…

Weekend Warm Up – A big club banger

Raphaella says – Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha’s ‘In the name of Love’. The drop gets me every. single. time.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s a biggie to start things off right there. Think it’s only right we keep the pace up after that innit, so rollin’ straight on to…

I Drove All Night – Your fave cruisin’ tune

Raphaella says – Gorgon City’s ‘Smoke’. I wrote & sung the verse on this.. and the first time I heard it after the boys sent it to me, I was in the car driving. Something about the drop and the open road feels so right =o!

Well blow us down, we were unaware right to this point that Raphaella’s pen & vocal chords were behind those verses. Deep.

I Hate You / Please Don’t Leave Me – The one you’d blub along to post break up

Raphaella says – Bon Iver’s ‘Re:Stacks’. Still to this day this song makes me cry whether I’m in love, out of love, over love or feeling loved.

Awwwwwwwww tis a beautiful song. Never a dry eye in the YHM house when it comes on either and easily the quickest way to turn five double ‘ard (urm), hairy, sedentary men into blubbering wrecks… 🙁

And that’s your lot peeps. Big thanks to the ace Raphaella for her tunes. If you fancy finding out more about her, then we’ve got some linkz for yous below, but if before you go you wanna check out what some of the other artists have been up to in their WHTTMDs then clickety click HERE please

Raphaella’s Socials – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTubeSongkick / Tumblr / Website

Au revoir