The Weekend Warm Up – Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker

Attention seekers. We’ve all known ’em. Ben Athey? Jokes. I’m such a kidder

I’ve robbed this from Breach’s compilation for the D-J Kicks series by the way, you should check that shiz out it’s decent.

Now off you all go, out into the night to chase down the two big B’s- Birds (or boys, that’s just not my scene) & Booze.

Bound to be a whole load of Christmas parties you can bind on to tonight, so sure to be a fruitful one. Happy Hunting

J x

P.S. if you see a few red banana hammocks swinging around London in christmas hats tomorrow asking for cash, please don’t be alarmed, these aren’t a load of perverted, drunken shopping centre Santa’s gone criminal, but instead they’re a bunch very nice, fun, friendly folk doing a spot of crimbo charity collection on their festive budgie smuggle for the very worthy cause of the Peter Westropp Memorial Trust

So if you run into these guys & gals, go say hello, give them a hug to keep them warm and some cash’d be nice too, after all it is for a ruddy great cause. Oh and ladies remember, even the best of us lads suffer from a touch of shrinkage when it’s cold, so it’s not fair to judge us in such conditions, we’re all much bigger men in the indoors… x