The Pancake Day Give- Away Winner Announced – Matt Lloyd-Kerr

On tuesday you probably all noticed we had our first competition of sorts, which had absolutely no relevance to music, but was instead based around my favourite day of the year, Pancake Day. The rules were so simple even the stupidest of our readers could enter and win (and that’s exactly what happened). We merely asked for the your favourite pancake toppings, really that was it. So after a day of stuffing our faces with some of the best/ worst suggestions, our judging panel, which consisted of myself, Rusty Lee, Rik Waller, Jon Snow, Peter Griffin and Barry from Eastenders finally came up with a winner.

That winning suggestion came from Matthew Lloyd Kerr of Bournemouth, who suggested a topping of onions and pumpkin chunks (which didn’t look at all like baby sick).

So to honour this momentous occasion, last night we threw a grand old bash at The Dorchester Hotel, to present young Matthew with his prize, a Your Hands Music sweatshirt and a pumpkin for use on next year’s pancake day. Matthew had this to say to us after winning his award:

‘Hi โ€“ itโ€™s a privilege to be involved with Your Hands Music and win this prestigious award’ and we cut him off there, not because it was on live TV but purely cos he was boring the shit out of us.

Anyway, here’s the moment when Matthew picked up his award, which was presented to him by our special guests and big Radio 1 fans, One Direction, Your Hands Music representative Neil Deeks and an always hungry James Corden.













Here’s another couple of Matthew in his favourite new garment post presentation.

And finally of Matthew enjoying himself at the after party with the beautiful girls at Stringfellows.

Lastly, just like to say a big thanks to the other 6 or 7 competition entrants, it just wasn’t your time.

And stay posted for our next comp, it’ll be a little better than this I promise.

In the words of Matthew himself, keep it tight and stay strong.

J x