The Check In – Club Westroppicana 2013


Back by popular demand… The Check-In

Over the last few months, I’ve had at an overwhelming number of people approaching me on the street asking, ‘Jasper, when are you bringing back The Check-In?’ or telling me, ‘J-Dog, now that you’ve stopped writing The Check -In, I just don’t seem to know what to do with my life’. And finally the third person sunk to his knees and pleaded, ‘Oh Jasper, please, please, please, bring back the Check-In, I feel so empty without it’.

Now you know me, I’m all about quality not quantity and to each of these people I had to simply reply that there just hasn’t been an event I deemed big or worthy enough to bring it back for, I don’t write about any old tripe yunno??

And then, last thursday, my old mucker Charlie Westropp tipped me off to what I can only describe as an event that will dwarf all others that preceded or will follow it this year. The one event to rule them all. Bestival- for chumps, Wimbledon- call me when we get an English winner, The Ashes- when are the Aussies arriving?, Glasto- Maybe be when the headliner’s don’t arrive in mobility scooters, Lions tour- Where am I supposed to booze in the A.M.?, Notting Hill Carnival- really?, The Royal baby- don’t make me laugh…

But… on Saturday the 7th September 2013 the second Peter Westropp Memorial Event, Club Westroppicana, is due to hit Feltham. Yes, in grounds of the stunning Fortescue House, and for the measely sum of 25 English pounds, the family Westropp will be bringing you a conveyor belt of the biggest names this side of the sun:

Rob Cowen

James Yuill

The Westropp Band

The Operators

A Cuddly Toy (not really, that’s just a really poor gag)

A Very Special Mystery Guest (that one is genuine)

And if that wasn’t enough, also included in the price of admission:

John’s Party Games

 Marion’s Cake Stand

Ted’s Chut Hut

Big Keith’s BBQ Shack

Hendo’s Hog Roast

Tom’s Tie-Dye T-Shirt Boutique

Club Westroppicana Bar

Suitcase Station/memory drop off point

Best Dressed Walk-Off

Children’s Face Painting

Peter the Penguin Christmas card and Children’s Book Stand

Penguin Photo-Booth

Club Westroppicana Food and Drink Stalls

I know what you’re thinking… that’s all well and good but what would really set this sucker off would be if there was some kind of 80’s fancy dress involved. Don’t you worry your pretty little noggin’ as these guys think of everything, and this year’s dress code is strictly Miami Vice or (fairly obviously given the event’s name) Club Tropicana. That means the shortest shorts, the biggest shoulder pads, and for the ladies, whatever 80’s ladies used to wear? Big hair and bikinis maybe?

Absolutely everyone’s extremely welcome from the rugrats to the old codgers. Everyone’s free to come and enjoy a suitcase (if you’re under 18 i’m sure there’s some kind of virgin suitcase that can be made instead?) with The Peter Westropp Memorial Trust Team.

So how ruddy amazing does that sound?? I can already hear the sound of Bestival tickets being ripped up. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s to run along and get yours and your friends some tickets, and you can do that by clicking the link below and spending 25 of your finest… Oh and it’s for charity too, so by coming along and joining in the fun you’ll also be doing a really good thing, that’ll make you go all warm and gooey inside. So go on, click away:

Now if I haven’t convinced you with all that and you still need more info to give you that final push, then you are an extremely hard sell, the kind of guy who says no to those lovely PPI sales machines, or maybe you’re the dude who turned away those charming toothless chaps who very nicely enquired if they could re-tarmac your drive last week. If that’s you, no problemo, I’m still ridiculously confident that if you take a mo to head over to the official event pages below, then there’ll be enough extra info (along with the travel and admin deets) to convince you that this is the event to get your coin out for…

Thought as much.

See you on the 7th

J x


Word has it Charlie’s already sorted his threads, plumping for a delightful pair of pastel pigeon smugglers….