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Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Puro Instinct // Low Anthem / Broods / Cerise / Ziemba / Papertwin

Ok so I’m back. I had a great time at the Euros thank you very much, but obviously the high of optimism that preceded last night’s shit show has dissipated and now I’m just heartbroken, crestfallen, and depressed. Too depressed … Continue reading

Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Lanks

Jasper's New Music Takeaway - Lanks

That there guy in the photo is Will Cuming. He resides on the underside of the world down in sunny Melbourne, Australia. He also has a good solid beard and a slick haircut too. But more important than any of … Continue reading

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Broods & Sohn

Jasper's Purchase Of The Week - Broods & Sohn

I’m not gonna lie, compared to others this year, this is not a massively amazing week in terms of new releases. There’s a few pretty solid efforts from various bands & artists, but nothing that gets me massively aroused- in … Continue reading