Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Real Lies // Deerhunter / Keep Shelly In Athens / Naytronix / Børns / John Newman / Neon Indian

Real LiesReal Life


There’s been loads of bands over the past few years that have tried to properly recapture the spirit of the early ’90s both in terms of sound and attitude and a very great many of them have completely failed. A few have got close, but not many. Until now that is, cos North London trio Real Lies have absolutely nailed it on their debut Real Life. Bursting with laddish enthusiasm but also not afraid to show it’s sensitive side, this is an album that if it had have been released in ’91, would probably see them viewed on the level of New Order or The Pet Shop Boys today. ‘One Club Town’ is a glorious homage to the balearic acid house of the Hacienda, ‘Seven Sisters’ sounds like a K-Klass remix of an classic Happy Mondays tune, and ‘World Peace’ could have been plucked straight off New Order’s Technique. It probably won’t be for everyone, but I fucking loved every minute.


Best Of The Rest

DeerhunterFading Frontier 

Had this have been released on another week it almost certainly would’ve been my POTW. The always amazing Deerhunter are back with more of their dreamy alt indie, on an album that if it isn’t their best to date, it’s very close.


Keep Shelly In Athens Now I’m Ready

Icy cool, synthy, shoegazey soundscapes are the name of the game on Greek act, Keep Shelly In Athens’ second album. If you’re into the likes of anything from Chvrches to Mint Julep then this’ll be the purchase for you this week.



Eclectic genre hopping alt pop from LA’s Børns that never gives a dull moment. It’s retro yet modern, indie then bubblegum sweet and 100% unique. Think Bowie crossed with Passion Pit, and wherever that takes you, Dopamine will be in the same sort stratosphere.


NaytronixMister Divine 

A joyously experimental electronic solo debut from Tune-Yards’ Nate Brenner, that encompasses everything from dub to funk to psych to jazz to hip hop and then back again. Completely bonkers and completely brilliant, as much as we love Tune-Yards, kinda want Nate to maybe stay solo for a bit if he keeps sounding this fun.

P.S. Wanna know which tunes Nate drives, BBQ’s & works out to?! Course you do and you can find out right now by having a goose at the What Happened To The Mini Disc? feature he did for us last week. Maybe finish this post off first though, there’s only a couple more records to read about after all…


John NewmanRevolve

The master of super slick soulful pop or our generation’s Paul Young (that’s a massive compliment by the way- I love Paul Young), John Newman’s back with his follow up to 2013’s TributeBig hooks and even bigger vocals that you can’t fail to have a cheeky singalong or dance to, depending on what may be acceptable in your current listening surroundings.


Neon IndianVEGA INTL.

The Neon Indian (or Alan Palomo) returns for his first album in four years, and all in all it’s a pretty triumphant return. There’s traces of his dreamy chillwave past here but there’s also a few more disco ready belters too, so if you kinda liked his previous stuff but wanted a touch more oomph then your prayers have been answered.

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