Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Puro Instinct // Low Anthem / Broods / Cerise / Ziemba / Papertwin

Ok so I’m back. I had a great time at the Euros thank you very much, but obviously the high of optimism that preceded last night’s shit show has dissipated and now I’m just heartbroken, crestfallen, and depressed. Too depressed to write in fact (apart from this intro, which has been extremely tough to get through), so here is a one word or sentence round up of the band/ artists with albums out this week via one of the singles from each, they’re all ace and you should investigate them thoroughly when you get a chance (and maybe google a proper review from a proper grown up website….)

Puro Instinct – Autodrama


Low Anthem – Eyeland

Quite weird and very, very good

That’s a little teaser but it’s all I could find on the interweb. But the album’s on iTunes and all that or you can find other deets HERE

Broods – Conscious 


Cerise – Single Smoke Dreams


Ziemba – Hope Is Never

Same as above and equally as good

Papertwin – Vacation


Sorry for my lethargy and depression, things’ll be back to normal next week I pinky swear

J ;(