Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week // Petite Meller / Bayonne / Aluna George

Petite MellerLil EmpireĀ 


Who liked Grimes’ last ‘pop’ albumĀ Art Angels? I did, and I’m sure you did too. And if you did, I reckon you’re a sure fire to like wacky French singer Petite Meller’s debut record,Ā Lil Empire, too. It shares that same joyous off kilter pop/ dance vibe, albeit sittingĀ a fair bit closer to theĀ house end of the spectrum than that Grimes album did. It’s also a tad more kitsch and theatrical thanĀ Art AngelsĀ as well, and maybe that might put some off, but if you can leave your cool at the door (easier for those that don’t have much to start off with such as myself) you’ll find one of the most enjoyable albums of the last few months as your reward.




At the end of July I wrote an NMT about Bayonne after hearing his first single, ‘Spectrolite’, stating that his debut album ‘might just be the record Iā€™m most looking forward to later this year’ (read it HERE to see I’m not a filthy liar if you like). Did it live up to my skyscraper like expectations? In places. In places there’s genius to be heard in his experimental electronics, and possibly with a touch more focus I’d be saying the whole thing was genius, but then possiblyĀ it wouldn’t be quite as much bonkers fun. Anyhoo,Ā I loveĀ PrimitivesĀ exactly as it isĀ and am certainly not adjusting my skyscraper expectations for his next record.

AlunaGeorgeI RememberĀ 


Back when AlunaGeorge burst onto the scene with their debut album,Ā Body Music, back in 2013 their blend of electro and RnB threatened to take over the pop world. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t, but thatĀ can only be good news for us as it’s meant they’ve evidentlyĀ spent the few years since expanding their sound into something bigger and better. They still may not take over the world withĀ I Remember, but they should defo amass a bigger army of fans with it.

J x