Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Fanfarlo

Not much by way of top notch albums out this week so instead of being my usual lazy self and not bothering with a post at all, thought i’d have a quick scout around the E.P. releases see if I can at least find something small to tide you over until next week. And that lucky E.P. i’ve selected for your listening pleasure is from Fanfarlo, and it’s called The Sea. It’s a four tracker, and for those of you already familiar with The Farlo, as their fans like to call them (I just made that up), it’s an E.P. that carries on the same gentle progression from folk pop into 80’s indie pop that their last few releases have followed. If you don’t already know them, then think along the lines of a modern day The Waterboys with a bit more synth, fronted by Patrick Wolf and you’re not far away. Their lead singer also has one of the best surnames in music, (Simon) Balthazar. For the uneducated amongst you here are the definitions of Balthazar:

1. one of the three Magi (one of the three wise men in other words)
2. a wine bottle holding 13 quarts (12.3 litres)

Urban Dictionary:

One of the most badass motherfuckers you’ve ever met. You don’t see someone with the name Balthazar and think they are a pussy. Hell no, a Balthazar is gonna come over and fuck your shit up just for kicks. Balthazars can fake their own deaths, steal anything they want and have twelve ways. That’s right. Twelve ways.

Person 1: Dude, did you hear what Rocky did last night? He fucked three lesbians last night! 
Person 2: Seriously!? He’s such a Balthazar!

In short Fanfarlo’s lead singer is a wise, badass motherfucker who has a massive bottle of booze named after him, even bigger than those pansy Jeroboam’s you see floating around shitty west end clubs with sparklers sticking out of them making their way to footballers and TOWIE/ Made In Chelsea cast members.  As far as I’m concerned the only name that beats it in the bottle size scale is Methuselah, and that doesn’t even beat it in size (click here if you’d like to learn more about booze bottle sizes), it’s just a more satisfying word to say- it just rolls off the tongue better.

None of this makes a great deal of difference to your every day life but hey, who doesn’t enjoy talking about the intersection between names of indie band members and booze bottle sizes? Now off you got to enjoy the title track from Mr Balthazar’s band’s new E.P. The Sea.

Jasper out x

P.S. If you’re just a casual reader of this blog and not a fully fledged YHM groupie who’s liked our FB pages or is following me on Twatter (if you’re not then why not?) you’re more than likely wondering how we got on at the Soccer Six Indie tournament we played in on friday. Well obviously we won it. Well we won our little tournament within the greater ‘Soccer Six Indie’ umbrella anyway. Click here to see the magnificent trophy in all it’s glory sat proudly on yours truly’s mantlepiece.