Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Whinnie Williams


Guys meet the lovely Whinnie Williams. She’s from Broxbourne, and so far in her very impressive fledgling career, she’s written for numerous artists, including a little known soloist named Madonna, collaborated with Professor Green and a host of others, recently graced the cover of 2 national fashion titles as well as becoming a sought after DJ and girl about town (whatever that actually means? Likes a booze up I think?). She’s also the proud owner of a lot of Rabbits. Rabbits who she likes to sing Rihanna songs with a Lana Del Rey-esque soulful ’60s pop slant to, whilst lounging around in beddy byes. And she sounds pretty good doing it too as you’re about to find out…

What lovely Hare she’s got hey… ROFL.

Want more Whinnie? We did. So we followed these lovely links where you’ll find loads of good Whinnie stuff including her last few singles which are all ace – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Website

J x