Jasper’s New Music Takeaway // Tuvaband / Baba Naga / King Cole / Corey Crumpacker / Bastion


Artist / Band Name – Tuvaband

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW As part of a double A-side with ‘Unknown’

The Word – Norwegian/English duo Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would aka Tuvaband in their own words, make ‘melancholic indie music with a blend of lo-fi sounds and vocal layering’, but to be honest I don’t think those words quite do them justice. Have a listen to their debut AA side and you’ll see just what I mean. Delicate and stunningly beautiful folky, indie pop.

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Artist / Band Name – Baba Naga

Latest Release –

Release Date – For now on Soundcloud only, but with a full release as part of their E.P. Plná Krvy / DeificYen, to come on Nov 4th

The Word – ‘Although the members of Baba Naga neither smoke the Devil’s herb, nor ingest psyychotropic drugs, their doomy, shoegazey gigs are often described as making people feel as if they are stoned’…. see you at their next gig 🙂

Linkz – Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp


Artist / Band Name – King Cole

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW (on Youtube only) with debut E.P./ Mini Album, Cold Blue, coming soon

The Word – Although giving himself a bit of uphill struggle from the off as far as his name and google searches go (Nat who?), King Cole’s at least made a good start in getting a solid foothold for the climb with his new single ‘Trouble’. It’s a hazy, dreamy slice of alt rock that’s part The War On Drugs, part Wild Nothing, part ruddy gorgeous.

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Artist / Band Name – Corey Crumpacker

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW with debut E.P. White Fire, to follow on Sept 30th

The Word – Firstly, amazing name. Secondly, amazing name. Thirdly, good tune, especially if you’re a fan of the kind of foot stomping folky rock that Mumford & Sons stuck out on their latest album. Hooky as fook.

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Artist / Band Name – Bastion

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW as part of their debut E.P. Crystal, also out NOW

The Word – Last up for the day is one for those still clinging on to their weekend. They are French electronic music duo consisting of Peter Cristofle and Hary Haja or Bastion, and they’re cool and funky as fuck – are French Electronic duo’s ever anything else? Taking obvious cues from the likes of Justice & Daft Punk they’ve just released their debut E.P., Crystal, which is well worth adding to your music library.

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