Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Tellef Raabe


When I opened up the email and read the press release about Norwegian solo artist Tellef Raabe’s new single, ‘Flying On The Ground’, with it described as dark electronic folk-pop, I thought, ‘hmmmmmmm, that sounds like a bit of me’. So I kept reading and the next thing it told me was that it had a kind of ’80s New Romanticism, Roxy Music/ Duran Duran vibe to it, which furthered my thought process to, ‘ooooooo yeah man, I’m gonna really dig this’. Then moving onto the next paragraph, it told me his inspirations and influences included the likes of Neil Young and The National, and my head nearly exploded. Dark, electro folk-pop, with a Roxy Music type vibe, inspired by The National- how fucking good does that sound?! Sounds fucking awesome but how good does it actually sound? Well if your head hasn’t exploded with excitement yet, then take a listen for yourself…

Fucking awesome is the right answer. Touch of the Vaughn Gibson’s about it too, which is obviously a great thing. Obviously you’re now eagerly thirsting for more like I am, so first and foremost that tune is released today (Big YAY), and secondly I’m promised that it comes off a debut album which is definitely, in the pipeline. Can’t bloody wait, so please in the nicest possible way, Tellef get your skates on lad and get that album out quicksmart!!

The pages where you can join me in checking daily for updates on his progress (in a very non stalker like way)…  – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / Website

J x