Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Sofi de la Torre / The Rebel Light / Jodie Abacus / Black Yaya / Kizzy Crawford

Sofi de la Torre


As the title would suggest, that good looking young lady above is Berlin based, Spanish r’n’b songstress Sofi de la Torre. Sofi’s a real¬†girl after my own heart, as according to her soundcloud profile not only does she make ultra smooth r’n’b jams (which I try to do) but she also likes getting stuck into a good burger too (which i definitely do). If she likes watching the foota whilst sinking a few Special Brews she may just be my perfect lady. Maybe I’ll get my people (me) to ask her people out some time? Or maybe I’ll just spare myself the rejection. Getting back to her music tho,¬†her forthcoming E.P.¬†That Isn’t You, is being touted as¬†a cross between¬†a female Drake with Banks, that’s laced with a¬†Californian vibe, and¬†her most recent release from it, the super sultry ‘What People Do’ (which is currently free download- we like them) has more than a dash of the FKA Twigs about it too. So basically, if you’re partial to any of those guys, then you’re gonna wanna get following/ liking Sofi de la Torre via the links I’ve very conveniently included below for ya, cos she’s gonna be right up your cul de sac.

These are the links I was talking about up there-  Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Website


The Rebel Light

The Rebel Light Venice 4

Next up we’ve got another free download for you- two in the same week!! Has xmas come early?! This one comes all the way from across the pond via L.A. ¬†three piece The Rebel Light, and it’s called ‘Strangers’. Have a listen below, and what you’ll hear¬†is a proper slice of indie pop perfection, that echoes genre greats, The Shins. Heavily influenced by the¬†better days (or so the old man tells me) back in the ’60s, if there was ever a band to completely radiate their hazy¬†Californian surroundings it’s these guys. The warm vocals, big choruses & shimmering guitars melodies just ooze sunshine. Bloody hell I wish it were summer. Oh well, I’m just gonna have to¬†bang on a bit of Rebel Light’s and imagine it is eh…

If you wanna bask in more of¬†those Californian musical rays, here’s you’re gonna¬†find it-¬†Facebook / Soundcloud¬†/ Twitter / YouTube / Songkick / Bandcamp /¬†Website


Jodie Abacus


Keeping up the retro vibes now, we’ve got another artist who seems to be indebted to the good old days. I say ‘seems’¬†cos I’m completely guessing, having found or received almost zero¬†info on Jodie Abacus and only hearing the one solitary track below, which I think¬†is¬†the only one he’s got online so far. No worries though, I’ll just talk about the little I do know, and that’s that Jodie’s from London and he defo knows his way around a hook, cos ‘I’ll Be That Friend’ is teaming¬†with them. It’s a glorious pop track rooted in the r’n’b & soul of the ’70s that’s so infectious, I’m thinking Aloe Blacc’s got some major competition if this dude’s got more like this up his sleeve. We’ll just have to wait and see about that though, but for now, let’s give this one just one more spin shall we…

Wanna find out if Jodie’s got any more belters like that in his locker? Here’s where they’ll turn up if he has (and I reckon he has)-¬†Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram / Twitter


Black Yaya


Next up, we’ve got a man who isn’t quite a ‘new’ musician or performer,¬†having been a member of retro alt indie band¬†Herman Dune, but he is a man who is ‘new’ to doing it on his lonesome. After a good few years doing the whole band thing, multi instrumentalist David Ivar, decided he’d had his fill of the whole band thing, and fancied having a crack at doing it all himself, so he’s doing just that, as Black Yaya. Playing everything from the¬†drums to basses to guitars to pianos to organs to harps, for the last couple of years he’s been getting his self titled (Black Yaya not David Ivar) debut record together, along with the help of his buddy,¬†Antoine Gaillet, who stepped in for the mixing process, and it’s now all done and dusted and ready to be released in a couple of weeks (2nd March). So what’s he sound like now? After listening to a couple of tracks from the record, i’d say there’s definitely a bit of a¬†overall resemblance to his former band, but on latest track ‘Vigilante’, there’s more of a folk/ americana vibe here, with¬†hints of Shearwater, Wilco, and¬†his label mate Dan Mangan, whilst¬†‘Flying A Rocket‘ is a very Lennon-esque little number. Looks like going solo’s going just fine.¬†¬†

For Black Yaya’s social side or just to see more pictures of his glorious beard head over to one of these pages- ¬†Facebook /¬†Twitter / ¬†Instagram¬†/ Website

Or for more of his sounds, try his label, Berlin indie City Slang’s Soundcloud / YouTube


Kizzy Crawford


Room for one more? Okie dokie, before we leave each other for another week, why not give young Kizzy Crawford a little spin? Hailing from Wales, where she was included as one of BBC Wales’ Horizon Acts¬†for 2015 (not that I really know what exactly that entails, but it sounds impressive so I’m sure it is), she’s¬†also recently been described¬†as a ‘Real Talent’ by Radio 1 new music man Huw Stephens, so she must be pretty hot shit cos¬†he’s a dude who knows his stuff. And after giving her tunes a good few listens I’d most definitely agree, and I (debatably) know my stuff too.¬†Playing a sort of jazzy, r’n’b tinged, folk, that’s along the lines of India.Arie (remember her), or a female Michael Kiwanuka, she produces a gorgeously warm & timeless sound that’s well beyond her 18 years. There’s also more than a touch of Morcheeba in her silky smooth vocals too.¬†Up to much next thurs night? If not, I’d keep that evening free, cos she’s making the trip over to the big smoke to play the¬†Rich Mix Showcase on 26th Feb (joining Addictive Tv & trip hop legend Howie B on the bill), where you’ll get to¬†see her play ¬†before she becomes massive and it costs you an arm and a leg (and a lot of money too).

Kizzy for me, Kizzy for you –¬†Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / Songkick / Website

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