Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Rois


Suns out, electro r&b tunes from LA based duo Rois out, is how the saying goes isn’t it? It should be. And if you have a listen to the debut E.P. Love High from the guys, you’ll understand exactly why. It’s four tracks of the smoothest, synthy r&b you’ll hear this January. Perfect listening I might say for this beaut thursday afternoon we’re having here in London town. And know what makes tunes sound even better? Firstly knowing they’re all currently FREE DOWNLOADS from Rois’ soundcloud (link below), and second, is the fact that if you press play right now, you’ll be one of the first 500 people worldwide to hear them! How ruddy cool its that?! Very. Obviously that’s only if you get in their quick, cos there’s an extremely high chance that everyone will be jumping on these tracks as soon as they give em a listen, as that’s what happens to frickin’ awesome tunes. Also if you only spot this post a few days after it goes up, it’s also highly likely you’ll be too darn late. But yes, as of this moment you will be, and that’s because, the duo (Vincent Coleman and Nickolas Hughston, being their names) have literally only stuck them online a day ago, and being as new an act as they are, not many have unearthed their soulful goodness yet. Yet. So get listening/ downloading/ sharing kids quicksmart or you’ll lose your chance at the gloriously smug feeling you get when you find something mega cool before any of your stupid mates.

Rois’ socials – Facebook / Soundcloud

J x