Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Places Erupt / Slow Sugar / Michaela May / Medicine Hat


Artist / Band Name – Places Erupt 

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW (on Bandcamp) with their debut album, Breathe A Storm, coming real soon on August 20th

The Word – Tip top Canadian quintet who are ‘not classical, not folk, and not rock’ but a sound that combines all three genres, to paraphrase their own words. Also, Lee, from the band, had a few heart issues (eeeeek- it’s fine, he’s now far as I know) whilst writing their single ‘Mayday’, inspiring the lyrics, ‘Checking on the pulse/ Beat reporter/ Plastic tentacles/ Reaching in’. Interesting no?

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Artist / Band Name – Slow Sugar

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW

The Word – ‘Hypnotic Love’, the super smooth,RnB tinged, synth pop debut from shiny new duo Slow Sugar is that good that in the 5 days since it’s release it’s charted on HypeMachine & made Spotify’s Weekly Buzz Playlist. Pretty impressive for a first effort I’m sure you’ll agree, I do (yes that’s me agreeing with myself).

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Artist / Band Name – Michaela May 

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW with an E.P. to follow next month

The Word – Shimmery electro pop from singer songwriter Michaela May, who’s latest single, ‘Lights Out’, was been produced by Aussie Tom Diesel, a man who’s worked with the likes of Danni Minogue & Russell Crowe, and has given Michaela more than a passing resemblance to Churches- never a bad thing obvs. Rest of her stuff’s a little more mainstream pop, but well worth a gander nonetheless.

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Artist / Band Name – Medicine Hat

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD YAY

The Word – Talking of shimmery Chvrches-esque pop, The Medicine Hat do a pretty darn solid line in that too, but this Canadian 5 piece throw in a dash of the Joy Formidable and some powerfully, emotive lyrical content too. ‘St. Cecilia’ is the second single taken from their forthcoming debut album which is due later this year.

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