Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Litche / Bells & Robes

Those who read my (brief) POTW post on Tuesday will know that I was more than a little down in the dumps after the events of Monday evening which made me moody and unprofessional and made for a very blog. To avoid that happening again, I do not even wanna think about that stupid sport, let alone talk about it again (Southgate?! Are we ruddy mad?!). So going forward let’s not, hey? Monday NEVER happened OK? Good. Music is our saviour and we got some real good new stuff for ya now from….


Producer, and the Aussie half of Aussie/ Hawaiian duo, Haliia (who you’ll be sure to remember I featured over in another NMT post HERE a little while back), Litche. Known as Sam Litchfield in his normal life and hailing from Newcastle (not the Geordie one), Sam Litchfield became Litchie, when noodling around working on a few productions one day, he ended up creating some deep, atmospheric electronic vibes that weren’t quite right for Haliia’s sound but too good to not be released out into the world. The first of these is ‘Look Up’, and if you look down you’ll see it ready and waiting for you (if you haven’t been impatient and already pressed play).

And if you now look just right of these words you’ll find Litchie’s linkz – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram


Next up and last up for the day (only a little tiddler of an NMT today folks, they’ll probs be another tomorrow though so don’t you worry your little cotton socks) is another chilled electronic act, duo, Bells & Robes. Consisting of Luke Sipka and Dean Spaniol, I’m not sure who’s Bells and who’s Robes, they fuse chillwave with bass to create an atmospheric sound that I’m gonna call future basschill. Creative aren’t I. They’ve already put out a few E.P’s that are well worth a look, and from their latest, How Could We Have Known (as far as I know it’s got nothing to do with Brexit consequences), which is currently available on their soundcloud, is new single, ‘Dreamin’, featuring the gorgeous vocals of Miranda Realino. Enjoy

And you can find out loads more about Bells and Robes via these – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / Website

J x