Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Haliia


Those two lads up there in the pic, whilst resembling extras from Point Break (the awesome original not the recent abomination) are a couple of pretty laid back dudes who happen to be pretty darn ace at making music. Unsurprising given their appearances the duo hail from two of the world’s surfing hotspots, Maui, Hawaiia & Sydney, Ausssssstraaaaaalia (in a massive Aussie accent) and their names are Sam & Djahy. And as I said in my first sentence, they make some tip top beatz, although given the long locks and faded out tees, not the kind of beatz you might expect. No they’re not kicking out fuzzed out slacker rock, but instead it’s beautifully yearning and emotive minimal alt r&b along the lines of James Blake, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Japanese House & Fractures that they specialise in. And it really is beautiful. Having already gained a massive 41K soundcloud plays for their last single, the haunting ‘A Song For You’, just yesterday they released the stunningly warm almost Bon Iver-esque, ‘With You Forever’, which is currently available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. I’m telling you, you’re gonna love it, so snap it up quick guys and gals…

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J x