Jasper’s New Music Takeaway // Dead Love Fear Wave / argonaut&wasp / Jacko Hooper / Native Other

Oh hi there NMT haven’t seen you in a while? I’ve missed you sooooo much and am sooooooooo glad you’re back….


Artist / Band Name – DeadLoveFearWave

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW on soundcloud. Full release as part of their E.P. New Feeling on Sept 30th

The Word – Manchester duo consisting of acclaimed songwriter Paul Eaton and producer Jim Spencer who have enjoyed substantial success both together and individually having worked with big guns such as New Order, The Charlatans, Oasis, The Cribs amongst others. Well now they’re having a crack out on their lonesomes as DeadLoveFearWave and they’re sounding brooding, atmospheric, and very, very good.

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Artist / Band Name – argonaut&wasp

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW as a limited FREE DOWNLOAD via their soundcloud, and it’s taken from their upcoming E.P. Hal Fiction which I don’t have a release date for as yet

The Word – Another duo, this time from NYC, and this time hitting that uber cool, indie-disco sweet spot that the likes of LCD Soundsystem & De Lux aim for. And like those guys you sense a strong Talking Heads influence in there too. I don’t know their actual names, so I don’t know which is argonaut and which is wasp (as I’ve done no research), but I’m guessing argonaut’s the one on the left as he looks a tad more like he could’ve been in Jason & The Argonauts (great film) and wasp’s the lad on the right, cos well, he’s blond and wasp’s have yellow on them.

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Artist / Band Name – Jacko Hooper

Latest Release –

Release Date – That track is the first out (NOW) from Jacko’s E.P. After The Storm which is due Sept 23rd

The Word – Solo singer songwriter Jacko Hooper hails from that delightful sunny seaside town of Brighton. But if you’re thinking he’d be all sea, sunshine and light, you’d be mistaken. Oh no, judging by his latest single (above) Jacko’s more of a reflective, soulful kind of guy. The track’s a yearning, slow burning epic that fans of Daughter will dig more than a little.

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Artist / Band Name – Native Other

Latest Release –

Release Date – Single’s out now with their E.P. If I Can Keep It Together, to follow on Oct 7th

The Word – Think Vampire Weekend, with some early Foals & Bombay Bicycle Club along with a dash of Two Door Cinema Club and a pinch of some other dreamy, psychy stuff I can’t quite put my finger on and you’ve got Canadian four piece Native Other’s debut single, ‘Palms’. I don’t know much else about them so I’m just gonna quote some of their own words on their forthcoming E.P. to give you a bit more background, cos they’re nice words:

“‘If I Can Keep It Together’ is an accumulation of our diverse origins and experimentation while the content tells tales of growth and discovery of our identity, romantic perspectives and lustful encounters. As we write personal reflections, sonically we construct our own unique sound.”

See, nice.

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