Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Boo Seeka / Louis Berry / Bad Sounds

It’s Friday afternoon (YAY) and I’m sure you’re as keen to get stuck into your bank holiday weekend as I. You don’t wanna waste time reading irrelevant guff from me do ya. You just want a few decent tunes from a few decent artists that you haven’t heard before to check out whilst you’re off galavanting. So it’s pretty lucky that, apart from this unnecessarily long intro, I ain’t got time to write much today, so let’s get straight into the facts and tunes in this NMT, beginning with…

Boo_Seeka_ Small

Aussie electronic duo Boo Seeka. These two seekas of boos- not sure if that’s scary boos, or taunting ones- 3 days ago released their most recent single, ‘Oh My’, and it’s top drawer. Combining Hip Hop beats and melodic layering to create a kind of experimental electro pop sound that I reckon Alt-J fans are gonna tuck right into. And if you like it- and you will, cos you like what I like yeah- you can catch them live on their mini UK tour which starts at the end of the month at Brighton’s Great Escape Festi on the 20th (May). Further diets via the links below.

Was gonna do a line here along the lines of ‘you can Seeka more of these Boos by checking their socials’ but then realised I’d done that gag already… – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram



Next up we’ve got Liverpudlian singer songwriter Louis Berry. Now if you can listen to Louis’ latest single, ‘Nicole’, without stomping your  feet from start to finish, you may wanna check your pulse. With rasping vocals that’ve got more than a touch of the Rod Stwearts about them, it’s a throwback rockabilly pop track that’s more infectious than the sniffles. Having already gained airplay and support from the likes of Zane Lowe & Annie Mac for his debut E.P. Rebel last year, looks like on this evidence 2016 could well be his breakthrough.

Got a taste for Mr Berry? Here’s where you get yourself some more – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Website



Last up for the day, and the week in fact, are another act whose last single picked up support from those radio big guns Mac & Lowe (amongst others), the Bad Sounds. Today, they released their next track, ‘Avalanche’, which doesn’t sound too bad to me HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Sure that’s been done around 8 million times since the guys decided on their name, but you know me, I never shy away from even the most obvious, shit or overdone gags. Back to the band though, they’re a 5 piece indie pop act with a retro synthy edge, and more hooks than a hook shop… There you go there’s another, that one was just shit. Also, they’re from Bath, if you wanted to know that.

You can never be too snowed under to listen to Bad Sounds can you (lol?). So here’s some of the band’s links for you to bury yourself in (double lol) – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Songkick

J x