Charlie’s Corner


Where do we start with a man like Charlie (the lad above on the far right, looking cool staring at his shoes)? The beginning I suppose…

Charles James Montgomery Bendict Westropp VI (it’s just Charlie Westropp) began his music life at a very early age joining the Westropp Family Band aged just 4. Toddling around banging his cymbal, it was during these formative years that the young Charlie’s love affair with crafting sweet sweet music was born, and he realised he would never be happy in life until he had created the perfect pop song. Completing this task just one year later, he became a disillusioned like all child prodigies, and 10-15years of heavy drinking and drug taking* followed before he wound up firstly making earl gray and occasionally sound engineering, at Matrix Studios in London’s West End, before stints doing the same at the Strongrooms in Shoreditch and Sphere Studios, Battersea.

Having cut his teeth at those prestigious London Studios Charlie was now making the best tea in London, and his engineering was decent too, which led to his feeling that the time was right to take the plunge and set up solo, whilst continuing his musical education with a Masters at London College Of Music. This is the point of the story where fate kicked in, and Charlie’s path crossed with the big man OT (Owen Taylor) of the Isle Of Wight’s finest ever band, The Operators. Recognising themselves as kindred spirits, Charlie soon joined The Operators, and together with Benjamin Athey, & John Stevens, they’ve been shaping the music industry ever since.

Being a man of many talents and a songwriter & producer of great merit and ambition, he expanded his horizons, in co-forming Electro – Grunge duo Bluebell with Annabel Jones, and also became a key member of Northern renaissance man, Rob Cowen’s band too.

You may think that with all that on his plate, there wouldn’t be time for anything else. But you’d be wrong, as he’s still managed to find the time to co-write and produce tracks for some of the top young talent the UK has to offer with artists like Saint Raymond (co-writing forthcoming single ‘Fall At Your Feet’), Gabrielle Aplin, Orla Gartland, and most recently for Lawrence Fox all having graced EPM (Charlie’s home studio).

About time I let the music do the talking, why not have a little listen to Charlie’s Showreel below to see what he can do…

Charlie Westropp- what a man

* This part of the story is 100% made up. Winners don’t take drugs or booze