Heroismo – Justice – Audio Video Disco (Heroismo Remix)

Posting this awesome little unofficial Heroismo remix of Justice’s new single ‘Audio Video Disco’ today with a great deal of pride because I know for a fact that for once I’m almost first on the scene with it in the blogging community (partly due to being tipped off by the man of mystery Heroismo himself), which is something I can almost never claim partly because their are so many bloggers out there that work harder than I do and partly because they’re also a lot better than I am.

But enough of my bitter ramblings let’s get back to the track. Mr Herosimo describes himself as a DJ/ Producer/ Remixer and so far this is his only remix to date but I bloody love it. Not taking anything away from the original as that’s also amazing, but if like me you’ve massively overplayed it already this is a delicious little change of pace.

So without any further ado get listening…

Justice – Audio Video Disco (Heroismo Remix) by heroismo

J x

PS. In my lengthy 5 minute quest to find some more info on the man himself I had a little goose at his twitter page which despite being in it’s infant stage is also well worth a look if you’re into that shiz. twitter.com/helloheroismo