YHM Events

Clue’s in the title guys, bit like solar eclipses, these are the fairly rare events that are not to be missed for any reason- your dog’s sick? It’s your auntie’s birthday? Max Clifford’s invited you over for some afternoon tea and cream cake? none are good enough excuses to miss a YHM event, as either we’re throwing one of our sick (hopefully noone will actually be sick) parties or one of our acts, bands will be dominating a stage somewhere

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Fanfarlo

Not much by way of top notch albums out this week so instead of being my usual lazy self and not bothering with a post at all, thought i’d have a quick scout around the E.P. releases see if I … Continue reading

The Weekend Warm Up – Indie Soccer Six Special – New Order – World In Motion

Football inspired Weekend Warm Up for ya today. England are playing Chile tomorrow/ tonight (depending on when you’re reading this) & Germany tuesday (i think?), but the biggest games this week are taking place at the London Soccerdome, Greenwich (next to … Continue reading

The Pancake Day Give- Away Winner Announced – Matt Lloyd-Kerr

The Pancake Day Give- Away Winner Announced - Matt Lloyd-Kerr

On tuesday you probably all noticed we had our first competition of sorts, which had absolutely no relevance to music, but was instead based around my favourite day of the year, Pancake Day. The rules were so simple even the … Continue reading

Amazing Forthcoming Attractions….Rob Cowen, The Operators

Amazing Forthcoming Attractions....Rob Cowen, The Operators

Two big, huge, massive (ok average sized but very good all the same) events to shoehorn into your diaries next weekend that us guys at Your Hands Music have a little hand in. First up, for all those trendy londoners … Continue reading