Pick ‘n’ Mix / Pick ‘n’ ReMix

This is where all the good stuff that doesn’t really fit into any of our other categories will go. So we’re talking almost anything at any time, written by anyone of the ‘Your Hands’ boyz. It could be new tracks by existing artists or ones we’ve blogged about elsewhere, new vids of songs already featured, super trendy remixes we might be digging, music news that we find amusing, sad 🙁 or plain important, updates on John’s new hairstyles, Owen’s nifty gadget purchases, Ben’s latest culinary creations, Charlie’s crrrraaaaazzzy nights in London town or the latest young lady to have spurned Neil’s increasingly creepy advances. To sum up, it’ll be mostly music that doesn’t have a home anywhere else on the site, as well as the odd bit of random stuff just to keep you on your toes…

Pick ‘n’ Mix // Douglas Dare – New York

Douglas double Dare’s you (we did that gag last time we posted about him, hence the ‘double’ this time. And yes we know our gags are shit) to take a trip to ‘New York’ with him… That’s taken from Douglas’ … Continue reading