Amazing Forthcoming Attractions….Rob Cowen, The Operators

Two big, huge, massive (ok average sized but very good all the same) events to shoehorn into your diaries next weekend that us guys at Your Hands Music have a little hand in.

First up, for all those trendy londoners amongst you, who’s up for heading straight out after work for a few light beverages and a spot of epic folk a week next friday?! Well if the answer to that was an emphatic, fist pumping yes (and if it’s not, what’s wrong with you? it’s an excuse to get lashed), then head on down to The Borderline and go and see Rob Cowen and his band of Dissidents. I’ve extremely cleverly put a link to the facebook event in with this lovely picture of Rob thinking about something extremely important, completely oblivious there’s a camera half an inch from his face snapping away (so just click on those very intense features for more deets). The gig takes place on the 21st of this very month at a very manageable time of 7.30pm, so you can turn up, watch Rob do his stuff then go and get spanked somewhere else.

I’m sure you’re also very excited to know that we, at Your Hands Music are releasing Rob’s debut album in the new year, which we’re extremely happy about, as it’s very very very good. So checking here and on Rob’s  fb pages etc (or ours) for more news on release dates and tracks etc.


Right onto our second feast of live entertainment, and for this, the very next day from Rob’s gig, we’re all catching a lift on Cliff Richard’s open top bus for a trip to the seaside, where The Operators will be playing in Bournemouth to a bunch of tax dodging students. The gig’s on the 22nd October at The Old Firestation, and they’re gonna be onstage at about 10.30, and as a nice little bonus, you’ll also be able to see both Rizzle Kicks and Aaron Delahunty on the same night… bargain. You know the drill by now, just click on the e-flyer below for more info on tickets etc.


J x