St. Vincent

Now including this one, I’m fully aware I’ve posted twice in quite quick succession about two mushy slow tracks. You maybe wondering… is he losing his nerve? has he gone all soft and goey? has Mrs Laubscher cut his balls off and started keeping them in a jar on her bedside table?? Well I can tell you none of the above are true and there is no Mrs Laubscher (calm down girls and form an orderly line… there’s plenty of Jasper to go round). It just so happens that two incredibly beautiful tracks have come to my attention in the same week, it’s just a quirk of fate, so if you don’t like it suck it up and go read another blog!

Anyway, the second songstress that’s grabbed my attention is St. Vincent, she’s american (see I do really like you guys, even if I do still think your x factor’s shit) and she’s been about for donkeys in previous band, the happy clappy Polyphonic Spree, starring in Sufjan Stevens’ live show and now being into her third solo album since 2007, all of which are well worth a listen.

So without further ado (is that how you spell that or is it ‘a do’?!), here’s ‘Champagne Year’ (unofficial vid) from recently released album Strange Mercy.

J x