What Happened to The Mini Disc? – UNNO


Like London buses our WHTTMD’s aren’t they. We go ages without one, then three come along in a row. This latest is from UNexpected Note or UNNO (like the card game of our youths) for short. They’re an ace upcoming French ambient, electronic trio who Jasper recently featured as an NMT (see HERE) and they’ve recently released their beaut new E.P. As We Land, which you can have a little stream of in it’s entirety below…

Nice and chill. And you guys can grab yourself your very own copy or stream the E.P. via Apple Music/ Spotify / etc, etc, if those platforms are your preference by clicking HERE. Ok, so now we’re all suitably comfortable and relaxed to the max, let’s get on. First up for UNNO’s WHTTMD pick’s it’s the…

Daddy Dancer – This is about ‘What track you throw your biggest bestest shapes to

UNNO says – Kaelin Ellis, ‘Spasmz’, because it gives you that groove baby

That has got a one smooth groove. Kinda sent our bodies into rhythmic spasm, which we think is probably the idea, yeah?

Okie dokes, up next, grab your shades, we’re hitting the roads…

I Drove All Night – Your fave cruisin’ tune

UNNO says – Radiohead, ‘Bloom’, makes you feel like you’re driving to a sunny holiday place, and drive way too fast. perfect to start a long drive.

Selfish Radiohead have gone and deleted all their online stuff for a while so I couldn’t get a recorded version to post (surely they should’ve known I’d need the track?), so instead here’s an awesome live studio recording they did of it for The King of Limbs: live From the Basement. Still a great tune for some summers cruisin’ yo, whichever version you listen to. Makes you wanna go faster & faster & faster doesn’t it. Give it a try but just take care not to break those speed limits peeps, you don’t wanna come a cropper with the coppers…

Weekend Warm Up – A big club banger

UNNO says – Michael Jackson, ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, because this track is a party in itself, no need to be in a club with that one, it brings the party to your body. Wherever you are and whoever with, you start dancing!

This vids live too. But it’s also frickin’ double mega ace so instead of just an artwork vid, we went with it as well. We’ve also just got up and started dancin’, so UNNO, you’re right, you don’t need to be in a club, it has indeed brought the party to us. We imagine all of our (small) army of readers are up dancin’ as well by now too? Just cannot beat a bit of Jacko can ya.

Big thanks to UNNO for that. Three tunes plucked right out of the top drawer, perfect for a sunny hump day 🙂

Wanna check out previous artists/ bands picks? Then click right HERE my friends. Alternatively if you fancy a few more rounds of UNNO, here’s some links where you can have a play…

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Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Wire // Programm / Monkoora / Travis

Wire – Nocturnal Koreans (pf23)


Incredibly impressive is my POTW today. It’s the 15th record from post punk legends Wire, a band who now in their 60s, are still regularly putting out more innovative, immersive and plain interesting albums than 90% of the younger contemporaries. This latest one, has even been crafted from the off cuts from their last (their highly acclaimed self titled 14th) and yet that statement still applies. You’d think at this stage of their vastly successful career they’d be more than willing to kick back, stick to a winning formula and at least rest on their laurels a touch with a ‘Best Of’ or two, or three, wouldn’t you- I ruddy would! But nope. These dudes have never been about that, so why start now. In Nocturnal Koreans they’ve turned a bunch of demos into eight fully formed experimental tracks that continue their relentless quest to continuously push the boundaries of popular music. Legends they undoubtably are, and a true inspiration to us all, to never stand still.



Programm – A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion

Debut full length from Toronto based band Programm is a dark, dreamy, post rocky affair that bridges the gap between electronica and shoegaze. If you liked The National & Beirut members’ little side project LNZNDRF’s debut then I suggest you get downloading this one too.


MonkooraPale Slopes 

Another debut next, but this time a mini album from Julie Crawford, aka Monkoora, who I featured just a few weeks back over in my NMT (see HERE), and it’s just as brilliantly weird and otherworldly as I’d hoped. Channeling awesome fellow mystical female soloists like Kate Bush & Bat For Lashes (as I said in that NMT) but creating something entirely individual, this is one for the daydreamers, the fantasists, the theatrical and anyone else looking for a bit of pure electronic escapism.


TravisEverything At Once

You’ve probably heard the track below on the radio. It’s taken from Scottish nineties/ naughties four piece Travis’ 8th album and it’s typical Travis, in being one of those tracks with undeniable hooks and that will get well and truly lodged in your head whether you want them to be or not. And whether you do want them to or not will probably determine whether you’ll like the rest of the album (or them as a band). So I’ll leave with you I reckon…

J x

Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Boo Seeka

It’s Friday afternoon (YAY) and I’m sure you’re as keen to get stuck into your bank holiday weekend as I. You don’t wanna waste time reading irrelevant guff from me do ya. You just want a few decent tunes from a few decent artists that you haven’t heard before to check out whilst you’re off galavanting. So it’s pretty lucky that, apart from this unnecessarily long intro, I ain’t got time to write much today, so let’s get straight into the facts and tunes in this NMT, beginning with…

Boo_Seeka_ Small

Aussie electronic duo Boo Seeka. These two seekas of boos- not sure if that’s scary boos, or taunting ones- 3 days ago released their most recent single, ‘Oh My’, and it’s top drawer. Combining Hip Hop beats and melodic layering to create a kind of experimental electro pop sound that I reckon Alt-J fans are gonna tuck right into. And if you like it- and you will, cos you like what I like yeah- you can catch them live on their mini UK tour which starts at the end of the month at Brighton’s Great Escape Festi on the 20th (May). Further diets via the links below.

Was gonna do a line here along the lines of ‘you can Seeka more of these Boos by checking their socials’ but then realised I’d done that gag already… – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram



Next up we’ve got Liverpudlian singer songwriter Louis Berry. Now if you can listen to Louis’ latest single, ‘Nicole’, without stomping your  feet from start to finish, you may wanna check your pulse. With rasping vocals that’ve got more than a touch of the Rod Stwearts about them, it’s a throwback rockabilly pop track that’s more infectious than the sniffles. Having already gained airplay and support from the likes of Zane Lowe & Annie Mac for his debut E.P. Rebel last year, looks like on this evidence 2016 could well be his breakthrough.

Got a taste for Mr Berry? Here’s where you get yourself some more – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Website



Last up for the day, and the week in fact, are another act whose last single picked up support from those radio big guns Mac & Lowe (amongst others), the Bad Sounds. Today, they released their next track, ‘Avalanche’, which doesn’t sound too bad to me HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Sure that’s been done around 8 million times since the guys decided on their name, but you know me, I never shy away from even the most obvious, shit or overdone gags. Back to the band though, they’re a 5 piece indie pop act with a retro synthy edge, and more hooks than a hook shop… There you go there’s another, that one was just shit. Also, they’re from Bath, if you wanted to know that.

You can never be too snowed under to listen to Bad Sounds can you (lol?). So here’s some of the band’s links for you to bury yourself in (double lol) – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Songkick

J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix – Alek Fin & Galun // Clone

When Alek Fin & Galun get together they make sweet, sweet music. As you’re just about to find out…

That’s taken off the pair’s forthcoming collaborative E.P. Strannik, which is set for release on 27th May, and follows the success of the pair’s previous work together on, ‘Golden, Blinding’, which featured on Fin’s Án Mynda EP, which is also well worth a look.