Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Einarindra


From all accounts Iceland is an absolutely beautiful place. In fact using the landscapes as a backdrop, one of my best buds recently popped the question to his girlfriend out there. It didn’t work, she said no… :(

ONLY JOKING FOLKS HAHAHA I’m such a kidder, of course she said yes, and I wish them my very, very best for a long happy and healthy future together. But I’m not here to giddily talk wedding proposals, I’m here too talk music. Sweet, beautiful music that on this lovely thursday afternoon, comes all the way, as you may have already guessed, from Iceland, and specifically from solo artist Einarindra. I imagine the stunning scenery out there must have formed at least part of his inspiration for his new forthcoming E.P. Stories, having gone all Bon Iver, trekking off to a cabin on the wilderness just west of Reykjavik for four days to write the tunes, do some juice fasting and generally becoming one with nature and all that. The results? Well, from the recent single, ‘The Songs Are Over’, stunning. Continuing on from the sound he created on his debut E.P. You Sound Asleep, he creates an atmospheric and experimental blend of James Blake, Brian Eno, Lanks with shades of, yep, Justin Vernon in there too, albeit probably more akin to his Volcano Choir project than his Bon Iver stuff.

You can get your mits on the Stories E.P. when it’s released on 10th March but in the meantime here’s some links to keep you occupied – Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Website

J x

Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Max Jury

Max Jury Press010 (1)

That dude up there, as you may have already guessed is Max Jury. He’s from Iowa, he’s 23 and ok he’s a good looking lad, and he’s nailing the lumberjack look yeah, but essentially he looks a normal unassuming bloke. He could be anyone right? And that’s right he could, but once you hear his voice you’ll understand that there’s one pretty substantial difference between Max, and the like of you and me. And that’s Max’s voice. It’s special, and by the way, I’m not in anyway saying that some of us guys’ don’t have special voices too, I mean my mummy thinks mine’s incredible, it’s just not quite incredible, or special enough (it’s close tho… :( ) to land me tours with Rufus Wainwright & Lana Del Rey, or premieres on the Annie Mac show, or compliments from Mark Ronson who can apparently listen to the blend of country, soul, gospel and rock ’n’ roll on Max’s debut album, ‘on repeat!’.  Hey ho. At least in a few months we can all stick Max’s album on and bask in his warm dulcet tones, when it’s released on June 3rd. For now though we’ll just have make do with being left ‘Numb’ by the pure awesomeness of his latest single or maybe go look up a ‘Great American Novel‘ or something…

Jury’s definitely not out on this lad’s talent is it!! HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA  –  Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Website

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Pick ‘n’ Mix – Lust For Youth // Sudden Ambitions

Every time we hear a new track from Lust For Youth’s new album we get a little bit more excited. We’re almost hysterical now…

Annnnnnd deep breaths. That’s better. Fucking good track though innit. The album’s called Compassion and it comes out 18th March.



Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – DIIV // Majid Jordan / Lion Babe / Immersion

DIIV – Is The Is Are


Back in my late 90s school days (I’m not telling you whether I spent that whole decade being old enough to be at school or just the last couple of years of the millennial swan song) being a bit of a div was considered a fairly negative thing. Maybe it still is on the British school grounds (I’m old enough to be out of school now), I dunno, but my point is, whilst being one of the more affectionate insults, probs on a par with burk, dork, dweeb, dope, loser or fart knocker (that one’s from Beavis and Butthead in case you were wondering), an insult it still was. But that was then and this is now, and in my head at least, if I was called a div now I’d take it as a compliment on account of it being the name of the ultra cool, ’90s indebted American indie rock five piece. N.B. I just want to point out, that all that has no real relevance to the band I’m talking about here as the band name’s actually pronounced ‘dive’ apparently on account of the extra ‘i’ in it (maybe after Slowdive given the obvious influence on their sound?), but hey, talking about my childhood brought back some wonderful schoolground memories of having my lunch money chavved and being punched on the arm a lot. Back to the review tho, if you can call this that, having firmly established themselves as ones to keep an eye on with their ace debut, Oshin, back in 2012, they’ve followed that up with 17 tracks of glorious nostalgic dream poppy, shoegazey magic that’s equal parts Wild Nothing, Beach House and Childhood. Just brill.



Majid Jordan – Majid Jordan

Super sexy slow jamsssssss from the dude who sang on Drake’s (who returns the favour my featuring on a track here), ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’. Great tune that. And there’s some great tune’s here, I especially like, ‘King City’, it’s reaaaaaaal nice.


Lion Babe – Begin

Erykah Badu style vocals and rock solid alt r&b production are what you get from the debut album from the highly touted Lion Babe. If that sounds up your street, diiv in (see what I did there?), if not save your monies or splash out (LOL) elsewhere.


Immersion – Analogue Creatures 10 E.P.

Mesmeric spaced out, ambient electronica from the side project of the Wire’s Colin Newman & Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel. It may only be an E.P., but with the duo being dormant as a duo since 1999, it’s a significant release that’s well worth a look.

J x