Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Kymberley Kennedy


It’s basically the weekend guys, and would you Adam & Eve it, it actually looks like it might be a bit of scorcher! Don’t wanna jinx it, but at the present mo, it’s looking mighty fine, and what I’m thinking is that this usually means there’s gonna be plenty of peeps taking advantage of the glorious English sunshine via BBQ’s, gatherings, bashes, soirees, shindigs, high teas and maybe the odd smattering of all-out parties, every one of which is gonna need some soundtracking. And whilst I’m not gonna go giving you an entire playlist (I got things to do you know), I am gonna introduce you to a new solo artist who’ll provide you with at least one more track to add to those playlists just to lighten your loads a bit. ‘Cos every little helps according to Asda’s marketing gurus. The artist I’m talking ’bout is Trevor Nelson endorsed, Yorkshire lass Kymberley Kennedy, whose latest track, ‘All I Wanted’,  you’ll be busting out of your ghetto blasters and such, as it’s an absolute masterclass of slick, r’n’b based synth pop. Soulful, sultry vocals over glitchy, hip hoppy beats that are 100% guaranteed to get your BBQ, gathering, bash, soiree, shindig, high tea or party jumping, yo. The tune which has just been released via Kymberley’s Bandcamp, comes along with some enough tip top remix flava’s to suit most vibes and there’s also plenty more where that one came from, if you’re wanting more (which I’m sure you are), on her soundcloud, YouTube, etc (all these links are below). So there you have it, I’ve just given your saturday or sunday arfternoons/ evenings a bit of extra spice, and you are as always, very welcome guys (if you’d like pay me back by inviting me to whatever you got going on though I’m free most- all of the weekend… Just sayin’).

Here’s Kymbo’s linkz for ya - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / BandcampWebsite

J x

P.S. You be sure to check in with us later where one of my wonderful colleagues will be supplying you with another 100% prime beouf club ready belter in the Weekend Warm Up

What Happened to The Mini Disc? – Zara Kershaw


Couple weeks back, if you search that short term memory of yours, you’ll recall that we introduced you to up and coming Brighton, synth popstress Zara Kershaw over in the NMT. As we said then, the name may well have rung a few bells as her’s was the gorgeous ethereal voice on Etherwood’s Drum ‘n’ Bass smash ‘Souvenirs’ (if you haven’t heard that you need to), but that she’s now heading off on her lonesome to make it big time, and judging by her latest solo effort (below), make it big she shall. Anyways, as you may well have guessed by the blog title, she’s very nicely decided to give us a little glimpse of her musical taste (and possibly influences) via a few choice selections as to what she’d be listening to on her Mini Disc in certain ‘life’ situations (we realise that ain’t exactly clear from the feature’s title, but hey, it’s our blog and we do what we want). Before we get onto those though, here’s that brill new single of her’s…

Sweet. We’ll be Counting The Days until her next release after that (LOLZ). Rightio let’s get onto Zara’s mini Mini Disc playlist shall we. First up, it’s one for the trendies…

The Dalston Shuffle – The one you impress your hipster mates with

Zara says – Alt -J, ‘Tessellate’. This one’s definitely for all my hipster friends. I can’t believe that the majority of people I speak to still haven’t heard of this band! I love tracks that I could have never come up with myself

Blimey there’s peeps out there that still ain’t heard of Alt-J?! NAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! What kind of world we living in? They are super duper cool though, and (shit link coming up here) there’s nowhere better to look cool than in your hometown right? Right.

Suburban Gangsta – Beats for bowling around your hometown streetz

Zara says - Jungle, ‘Platoon’Big fan of this band. If only my swag was as good as her’s in the video!

Don’t we all Zara. Except mine kind of is (it’s definitely not). Talking of swag though, the dancefloor is where I got most (again, that’s complete bull), and that’s where we’re headed now boys and girls for the…

Daddy Dancer – What you’d throw your biggest, bestest shapes to

Zara says - Flume, ‘Holdin On’. My boldest, biggest & bestest shapes most certainly come out when this song comes on, though let’s hope no one ever catches that on camera… 

I kinda, really, wanna go catch these moves on camera now. Maybe a touch of lurking in Zara’s fave nightspots is in order? Pros not, one court order a year’s plenty innit…

Big thanks to Zara for soundtracking our (and your) thursday arvo in style. If you wanna get some more info on this ace young lass then get you can immerse yourself in her wonderful social media world via the links below, or if this has given you the What Happened To The Mini Disc bug, then you can feast on all the previous artists/ bands we’ve featured previously right here.

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