Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Death Rattle


No time for any of my usual guff or long winded intros today you’ll be pleased to know, as well, I got shit to do yeah. So let’s dive straight in shall we.

As you can see from the blog title this week’s new act are called Death Rattle, which is a cheery name innit. So you can probably guess that this duo, who may or may not be gold plated in real life (they’re kind of remind me of good looking versions of those street artists who stand still all day in town centres. Just me?), don’t really deal in happy happy power pop. What these guys do specialise in, is dark atmospheric, bordering gothic electro, sort of along the lines of Zola Jesus’ early stuff, Fever Ray, Niki & The Dove, or even Chvrches’ gloomier moments, with percussionist Chris Hamilton’s throbbing beats and ice cool synths, topped by Helen Hamilton’s mesmerising vocals. Together they’re a pretty powerful combo as I’m sure you’ll agree, once you’ve pressed that big play button beneath…

Good hey? Well you’ll be hearing a fair amount more about these two over the next couple of weeks as they release their debut album, In Shade, on the 10th Nov, so you haven’t got long to wait before you get a proper fix. Having said that, if you’re one of them impatient types then head over to one of these pages and that’ll tide you over with more tunes & news, etc:

deathrattle.tv, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Songkick, YouTube

I personally recommend having a little gander at their soundcloud and their cover of Fleetwood Mac classic ‘The Chain’. Firstly cos everyone loves The Mac & secondly cos it really good.

J x

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities – Down To Earth 


Oh hi there you guys. It’s another week closer to crimbo, and we’re almost in ruddy November yet the sun’s still out!! What da funk’s going on?!  It should be brass monkeys and anoraks all round but instead it’s still bikinis and bellini’s. Well not quite, but it’s pretty decent you must agree. But suuuuuuuurely it can’t last too much longer, and while I wrote something fairly similar a few weeks back, I do feel like it’s our duty to make the most out of these things and to do that we’re gonna need a soundtrack. Enter aussie duo Flight Facilities with their full length debut, Down To Earth.

Dance aficionados may well already be aware of the work Hugo Gruzman and Jimmy Lyell from 2010′s big single ‘Crave You’ featuring Giselle Rosselli and it’s sexy sax lines that were absolutely made for sunsets on the White Isle, but could have been forgiven for forgetting all about these guys in the years since (as I did), with them only producing a couple of singles to fill that gaping four year hole up to now. But where I’d just assumed that maybe they’d not gained enough attention to get their careers off the runway or that they possibly crashed and burned shortly after take off due to creative differences, or could’ve been that they ran low on songwriting fuel and were forced into an emergency landing in another industry or even that they had taken a detour and flown over some sort of musical Bermuda Triangle and ended up working in or with other bands or acts. In actual fact they’d just been busy working away, perfecting their sounds & polishing their fleet of tracks, in preparation for this their maiden trip into album releases, trying to ensure that the release would really take flight…

HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA Ok that wasn’t really all that funny or really made much sense, but I just had to get some flying references in somewhere or my head would have exploded all over my computer screen. I promise it’s all out of my system now, I apologise for that turbulent opening to the blog, if you’d like to return to your seats now we’ll get back to the music. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA I gone done another one!! Sorry, honestly I’m done now.

Anyway, as I said, they put out that massive tune back in 2010, which features here as the album closer, then went on to release a couple of very impressive singles, which all somehow managed to slip under my radar (fuck I genuinely didn’t even mean to do that one), but now they’re finally here with their brilliant debut album that listens like a brief homage to the history of all dance music as if interpreted via the medium of house. You’ll find influences in 70′s disco, 80′s synth pop, 90′s baggy/ indie & hip hop amongst others, all held together by house beats. Vocals have all been perfectly selected to suit each track, rather than the standard dance practice of using whoever’s voice is taking over the charts most recently, with Stee Downes, Christina Hoberg, Emma Louise, the recently Kendrick Lamar co-signed & Disclosure produced rapper Bishop Nehru & even Comedian/ Musician Reggie Watts all making appearances. There’s also cheeky little a-cappella reprisal of one of the tracks from a particularly famous fellow aussie who used to appear in a popular soap in the 90′s. Find out who by clicking here. N.B. it’s not Stefan Dennis.

So go on, pop your swimmers on, grab yourself a nice cocktail, stick Down To Earth on and go sit by a window in the sun (possibly near a radiator if you’re up north and it’s a bit chillier) cos it’s still summer babes (sort of). Enjoy it…



Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave

Next up today, is almost the polar opposite of what Flight Facilities do, the Twilight :(. If you already know of these dudes, or even if you don’t you can probably guess from the name that these Scottish lads don’t really do shiny happy tunes, but instead specialise in gloomy yet heartfelt alt-indie, that’s as good as anyone has produced in the last 10 years or so (think of a really really good version of The Editors, if you can remember them, and you won’t be far off). And on this, their sixth album (I think) they don’t mess with their tried and tested sound. Full of desolate, achingly beautiful moments, it only misses out on taking the POTW title on account of it not suiting my strangely good mood this week. If you, however, aren’t feeling too chipper today, and are maybe looking something to have a good old wallow too, then you may wanna step this way.

Ultimate Painting - Ultimate Painting

Any fans of Mazes or Veronica Falls here? Well if so, you’re in for a treat, as one member from each, Jack Cooper and James Hoare, have come together to form super-duo Ultimate Painting and they release their self-titled debut together this very week! And it’s a belter. There may not be anything too experimental or innovative here, but what there is, is one top drawer indie pop track after another. And that’s all I need to say I reckon. Lovely stuff.

And that’s your lot for the day. Short and sweet, just like me, if I was short or sweet, which I’m neither.


J x