Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Sloes / Jack Watts / Hunter As A Horse / Kobadelta / LaBrassBanda

Time is really of the essence today so gonna have to to race through no frills style if that’s cool? Course it is. Still got some gggggrrrrrreat new acts for ya though so make sure you give each and every one a good listen and maybs check out their linkage if ya fancy a piece of ‘em yeah.


Sloes press

First up, it’s the gorgeously emotive sounds of indie 5 piece Sloes. Their debut track is the slow burning ‘Devil In You’ and it’s taken from their forthcoming E.P. Chasing Tails which gets it’s release in June. It’s all yearning vocals, swirling strings & minimal guitar lines. Gorge (that’s meant as short for gorgeous not a deep ravine…). Think along the lines of London Grammar or Daughter but sans synths.

Sloe’s social stuff - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter


Jack Watts

Jack Watts Press Shot

Next up it’s the extremely earnest looking young lad pictured above, Jack Watts. Just a tender 20 years old (my age…) this Brighton based singer songwriter has already been picked up by the same management team that brought you Damien Rice. He doesn’t sound too much like his fellow troubadour though sharing more musical DNA with the legendary Jeff Buckley both vocally and in his arrangements too, as you’re about to find out if you haven’t already pressed play. Quite obviously a massive massive talent, don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more from him over the next few months after his debut E.P. Red Shortbread drops in may (17th).

Jack’s links - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / YouTubeWebsite


Hunter As A Horse


Hunter As A Horse are a girl boy duo who depending on whether you’re a Facebook or Soundcloud man (or woman) could be either from London or Berlin. They describe their sound as being indie/ dreampop/ darkwave/ psychedelic/ discopop/ cinematic/ folk and having had a listen to most of their online back catalogue, I’d agree that they’re all pretty decent descriptions. I can also tell you that they do a belting cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ classic ‘Disarm’ (below) which is currently available with an E.P.’s worth of material & remixes right here. We like that a lot. 

Get hunting - Facebook / Soundcloud / TwitterTumblr / Songkick / Website




Newcastle band Kobadelta are our second 5 piece of the week, and their dark psych rock comes across kind of like a cross between early Verve, The Doors and more recent psych act Temples. Interesting factoid- their frontman is also the brother of previous NMTs Bernaccia‘s frontman! No shrinking violets in that talented family then. They’re currently gearing up to release their debut E.P. Open Visions next friday (1st May), which you can stream in full on their soundcloud (link below) and this big ol’ tune (below), taken from it, is currently available as another free download- Loadsa free music this week isn’t there!

Let’s get psyched - FacebookSoundcloud / Twitter / YouTubeSongkick


And Finally….



Now this is just a guess, but I bet that up until this point in time, you’re probably not massive fans of Bavarian Brass bands, correct? Maybe you’ve never heard one in it’s full pomp so couldn’t judge, maybe you’ve not given it much thought, or maybe you just thought nine germans furiously blowing their trumpets and such, ain’t really your cup of tea. Well watch the video below of LaBrassBanda playing their single ‘Nackert’ and if you have any sense of fun, you’ll soon change your mind. Their gigs look fucking brilliant don’t they! And anyone living up tut north has the opportunity over the next three days to experience one of them, as they complete their UK tour, you lucky northern sods you. So if you you’re anywhere near Liverpool (tonight), Sunderland (tomorrow) & Glasgow (saturday) don your lederhosen, grab yourself a pre game weiner & sauerkraut sanger and get yourself down to one of those gigs for a couple of swift biers & jolly good time…

Let’s gets some Brass - Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Website

I’m off to dust off my Bugle. Auf wiedersehen

J x

What Happened to The Mini Disc? – R

R-(Marc, Pierre & Konstantine)B&W

So it’s time for another cracking edition of our newest feature What Happened To The Mini Disc? And for this second edition we’ve got one of our very favourite new acts R, to tell us what they’d have had on theirs. First though, why don’t we get reacquainted with what these lads can do by having a listen to their latest ridiculously good single, ‘Bubble Gum Geisha’, shall we? Yes. Yes we shall.

And that tune is available for you to go right ahead and purchase immediately by clicking here (just make sure you come back here once you’re done). Ok so that’s the kind of stuff they play, now let’s see what kind of the stuff they listen to yeah? Take it away lads…

1. The Daddy Dancer - What tune would you throw your biggest bestest shapes to?

R says – Solomun feat Rosin Murphy, ‘Gamble on you’So good, you have to dance!’

That is one naughty tune


2. The Banger Marinade - Your BBQing soundtrack

R says - ‘Half Moon Run, ‘Drug You’. Awesome track, fits perfectly with any time of the day’

Chances of the weather holding out til the weekend so we get to try this out? Nil points.


3. I Drove All Night - What’s your fave cruisin’ tune

R says – Pearl Jam, ‘Rearviewmirror’. Killer track, makes you get wherever, whenever, faster!’

Absolute. Classic.

Big thanks to the ace R, for those selections. If you now fancied comparing those tunes to Black Yaya’s faves from a few weeks back then you can do just that by clicking right here

Right. Sod waiting for the weekend, I’m off to give Half Moon Run a whirl while I cremate a couple of bangers on the disposable BBQ…


Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Alabama Shakes / Passion Pit / Grrl Pal

Alabama ShakesSound & Color


If you picked up a copy of Alabama Shakes’ debut album Boys & Girls in 2012 then you already know that they’re a pretty ruddy powerful band. Led by Brittany Howard’s massive soulful vocals, big guitar lines and rootsy garage melodies, it laid the rock foundations for bands like Royal Blood and to a lesser extent guys like Benjamin Booker, making their breakthroughs last year. Yet they never quite made it that massively themselves (and before anyone says anything, I appreciate they’re big-ish, but not so much in mainstream international terms). Maybe the world just wasn’t quite ready for them just yet? Who knows. Fast forward three years and they’re back with their follow up, Sound & Color, and if there’s any justice, it should definitely correct that and well and truly put them on the mainstream map. Still taking it’s basis in bluesy garage rock, it adds multiple layers of heavy soul, funk, and rhythm & blues, recalling so many classic artists from Marvin Gaye to Curtis Mayfield to D’Angelo right up to Led Zeppelin, with Howard’s astounding vocals dominating every track. The girl somehow seems to morph into whichever legendary artist that particular track requires, touching on all of those guys previously mentioned and you can also add Otis Redding, Hendrix, Etta James, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone & basically whoever else you can think of from the ’50s to the ’70s (ok maybe not everyone but you catch my drift- she’s amazing). It’s yet another top notch, timeless sounding record, where in the last 12 months we’ve already had a whole bunch of them (D’Angelo, Father John Misty, Tobias Jesso Jr, etc), these guys are definitely a band you’re gonna wanna catch on the festival circuit this summer, I’d be surprised if you can find many better bands out there. Not half bad for a former postal worker & her buddies hey…



Passion PitKindred

When Passion Pit first burst onto the scene in a blaze of experimental synths, falsetto vocals and off kilter beats back in 2009 with their brilliant debut E.P. Chunk Of Change, they were hailed as the successor to MGMT’s crown as the kings of synthy indie pop. My how things have changed. MGMT decided they didn’t much like being popular and thought they’d do something about that by taking up residence deep inside their own colons and releasing two of the most highly self indulgent records in pop history, leaving it up to Passion Pit to instead fight it out with a whole host of new entries to a genre that itself was fighting for domination of the mainstream. Did they win that fight? No. Does that make them a bad band? No. They haven’t moved on a great deal sound wise since that debut, so if you liked or loved them back then, you’re more than likely gonna like or even love them now, if not, there ain’t much on Kindred that’s gonna change your mind. It’s however still chocked full of those slightly weird, bouncy, euphoric synths, whilst lead singer’s Michael Angelakos’ vocals still sound like you or I would if helium replaced oxygen in the atmosphere. They may not be dominating the charts four albums down the track as they may have wished, but their alt pop’s still great fun and retains the ability to put a big ol’ smile on your face.


Grrl Pal - Paradise

A couple of weeks back I featured this new aussie duo in my NMT as a world first (well not exactly, but it was a first for me). They were the first new act I’d discovered solely on Instagram. Who’d have thought a social media platform designed to share pictures would become a magical place of musical discovery?! Loads of people probably but hey I’m a bit slow with these things so it took me a little while to catch on. Whatevs. On Friday they released their debut E.P. Paradise, and while I normally feature E.P.’s in the Pick ‘n’ Mix if I’m gonna at all, seeing as the POTW is supposed to be about albums, I’m doing this here firstly, cos it’s 7 whole tracks and therefore almost an album, secondly, cos there ain’t too much out this week so this POTW is a bit of tiddler without it, and finally cos who cares where I feature it, it’s bloody wonderful so needs featuring somewhere. When I described their sound back in that NMT, I said they were kinda ‘like Passion Pit (weird coincidence that they’re album’s come out this week too hey?!) crossed with Grimes crossed with Bat For Lashes crossed with Electric Youth’, and I reckon having listened to the E.P. in full, I pretty much nailed it. Actually, I’d probs delete the Bat For Lashes reference and go a bit heavier with the Grimes one if I was to rewrite now, but hey, no one’s perfect are they? Anyways, if you think that vibe’ll float your boat, and it definitely should, then pick yourself up a copy right now and Paradise shall be yours (absolutely punderful – LOL – closing statement there. I should write for The Sun).