Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Harpoons


Woohhhoooo the weekend’s almost here and the sun’s kind of out so we’re all in the mood for some chilled summer tunes right? Of course we are. So why don’t you give this bad boy a try. It’s called ‘Unforgettable’ and it lives up to it’s name due to it’s laid back 90′s r’n'b beatz, subtle synths & lead singer Bec Rigby’s gorgeous soulful vocals. It’s the calm before your Easter bank holiday storm. If you’ve been a fan of ladies & gents like Jessie Ware, Solange, Rosie Lowe & Blood Orange’s latest stuff then it’s 100% your bag. It’s the first track taken from aussie four piece the Harpoons’ forthcoming debut album Falling For You which you’re obviously now going to be buying.

If you just can’t wait for the album to hit the record store shelves (or iTunes etc) though, don’t you worry your little cottons cos they already have a single/ AA side/ E.P. (whatever you wanna call it) out that you can get your paws on right now called ‘Walk Away/ Keep You Around’. If, however, you’re one of those strong patient types, you can keep yourself occupied while you wait by heading on over to their Facebook page where I’m sure they’ll let you know when the album’s gonna drop (can I pull off using phrases like that?), and you can keep nicely updated on all their other news & shiz as well.

J x

P.S. We may or may not do a full Weekend Warm Up on here tomorrow, cos well you know, we’ll more than likely be at a swanky rooftop BBQ or uber cool celeb filled party (drinking cheap cider on the sofa in our underpants), so we might not get round to it, but if we do hear some bangin’ toooooooonnnnssss while we’re out schmoozing with the rich and famous, we’ll just whack em straight on our Your Hands Music Facebook wall, so you make sure you check it homez.

P.S.S. Make sure you come back here next week as we’ve got a massive amazing surprise for you…

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Chet Faker


The sun’s out homes!!! Yey!!! Let’s all go get pissed yeah? Well maybe we should wait til the weekend actually, it’s pretty close, and it is easter weekend, which is as good an excuse as I need for a 3-4 day bender. It’ll be 3 or 4 depending on how night 2 goes- second night syndrome always dictates how successful the rest of my consecutive days on the lash are gonna be. So maybe better save the pennies today and wait for thursday night to arrive hey? Or just go out tonight and stick the rest on a credit card? Yeah let’s do that. I’m still young enough to be fairly fiscally irresponsible right? Nah probably not, but fuck it.

Anyway, the reason I’ve just opened up this blog with a lengthy monologue is it’s been the background noise in my head whilst I’ve been listening to all the week’s new releases today and yesterday, deciding which I should recommend to you. And those thoughts about sun, birds (the flying kind of course, no sexism here) and going out and getting on it, have obviously had a largish bearing on my eventual selection, as I’ve ended up plumping for the record that would best soundtrack yours & my sunny (fingers crossed the sun keeps it’s hat on) easter bank hols.  And that record is from former Aussie bedroom producer/ songwriter Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker- the bearded fellow above not 50′s & 60′s Jazz maestro & flugelhorn (amazing instrument that) extraordinaire, Chet Baker. Having found underground fame with his 2012 E.P. Thinking In Textures, which in turn came off the back of the jazz flecked (it wasn’t just the name that was influenced by the original Chet), synth based, bloggers’ wet dream cover of ‘No Diggity’, now comes his full length debut album, Built In Glass as released by my favourite Aussie label Future Classic (seriously check out their roster- they rule). And it’s a very accomplished debut indeed, that fits my aforementioned mood absolutely perfectly.

It’s start to finish, chilled slow jams, each flirting with more than a few different genres, but staying earthed in the synth based soul, jazz & r’n'b rhythms of his debut E.P.. If Bill Withers was born in the 80′s and grew up getting stoned listening to Zero 7, this is how he’d sound. It’s just lush- not sure I’ve described anything as being lush since the mid 90′s? Basically, what I’ve introduced you to here (if you weren’t already a fan obvo) is the absolute perfect pre-game booze/ BBQ accompaniment, which will also double as a pretty solid (no pun intended there) late night record, to play whilst entertaining a lady friend. You’re welcome.



Afghan Whigs – Do To The Beast

If the sun hadn’t been out and my mind wasn’t already straying to the weekend’s forthcoming activities, this could easily have been my pick for the POTY. It’s a belter. Greg Dulli returns from The Twilight Singers & The Gutter Twins to his first band (as far as I know- and haven’t got time to check, I’m a busy boy). And it’s a most welcome return. Soulful, menacing rock & americana.

Smoke Fairies – Smoke Fairies

 Atmospheric folk pop and americana from female duo Jessica Davies & Katherine Blamire or the Smoke Fairies as the world knows them. Their fourth album, and up there with their best, if you ask me, which you kinda did cos you’re reading this.

Todd Terje – It’s Album Time

If those two are a bit serious for ya then it might well be Album Time!! Hahhahahhahahha see how I slipped that in there? Clever hey? My comic genius aside, and back on to the music. You may well know of Todd Terje based on his work with Franz Ferdinand or his remixes of other indie titans like Bombay Bicycle Club, well now he’s done something for himself. And good on him. The record’s good old fashioned synth-y electro disco tinged fun, and even includes a Robert Palmer Cover with vocals from fellow 80′s cocksman Bryan Ferry (wish people would refer to me as a cocksman and not just a…..). Sounds awesome right? It is.

J x

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Broods & Sohn

I’m not gonna lie, compared to others this year, this is not a massively amazing week in terms of new releases. There’s a few pretty solid efforts from various bands & artists, but nothing that gets me massively aroused- in a musical sense, obviously. There’s some indie synth experimentalism from School Of Language, some critically acclaimed rock from EMA & some Hip Hop from Ratking. All three have a few tunes I’m loving (particularly ’So Sick’ featuring King Krule by the latter) but as full albums, they ain’t really my bag, ya dig?

Then we have a couple of very solid releases, the self titled debut E.P. from Broods & Tremor the debut album from Sohn (one of my New Music Takeaways a little while back), which are a bit more down my strasse, and if I was to pick my favourites from the bunch I’d probably go with one of these two bad boys. They’re both pretty similar genre wise, dealing in the kind of minimal synths that are sooooooooooo in right now, Broods, helped along by Lorde Producer Joel Little, go with a slightly poppier Lorde/ Ellie Goulding-esque take on things, whereas Sohn, well Sohn kind of broods a bit more- if you’ve heard some of his singles already or his work producing the best new vocalist around today, Kwabs’ stuff, then you’ll know exactly what I mean (he’s also produced some of Banks’ new stuff too). If hooks and choruses are your thing then go with Broods, if your taste’s lies more towards melancholic soundscapes over glitchy electronic beats then Sohn’s your man. The choice is yours, but to help you on your way here’s a track and a nice little piccy from each…






J x

The Weekend Warm Up – Marcman / Spor

The Weekend Warm Up - Marcman / Spor

Every Friday the Weekend Warm Up endeavours to bring you a track to get your weekend started. Wether it be hot off the press or a kebab shop classic, we hope to guarantee those Friday Feeling, Saturday Smiles and Second Chance Sunday’s get off with a bang!

90s please yes. Minimum.



Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Oceaan


Oh I do love the Oceaan…. See what i did there?! HAHAHAHHAHA!! I promise that’s my last shit gag for the day, now onto the music.

It’s not especially new as manchester based producer Oliver Cean aka Oceaan, first put out the track below, Need U, around 9 months ago, so I do apologise if you’ve already heard his minimal synth’n'b (see what I did there? It wasn’t my last shit gag after all! I actually nicked that idea off someone else- last week’s NMT, Gallant, so sorry Gallant I’ve plagiarised your use of ‘n’b).  But to be honest, I’ve only just been alerted to it with the release of his self titled debut E.P. this very week via Chess Club Records (good label that), despite various tracks from it being played by various DJs on Radio 1 over the last month or so. Slap wrists for me. I really should listen to more radio. But I don’t want to, so I probably won’t. I have been making up for lost ground, however, by playing it near on non stop for the last three days

My listening habits aside, I have eventually managed to stumble across Oceaan and I’m extremely thankful that I have, and if you’ve not come across him already, you will be now too, since every one of the five track’s on the E.P. is an absolute wobbler. It’s got that minimal synth/ r’n'b vibe (hence my extremely clever synth’n'b reference earlier) running through each track, making each hook stand right out and get lodged in your head the second you hear them. And then you’ve got Oliver’s silky smooth soulful vocals drifting over it all. It’s lovely stuff, it really is. If you’re a fan of James Blake, Sampha, Kwabs, Sohn, Barnaby etc then you’ve got a new artist to add to that list.

So that one’s marginally my favourite track from the E.P., but it is marginal as every track is ridiculously good. If you wanna hear them all then head over to Oceaan’s soundcloud where you can stream them. Or of course you can always purchase them, which really you should, as they are more than worthy of your £2.49 (current iTunes price – bargain). Or if you just wanna find out what’s swimming in the Oceaan (I know, another shit gag- can’t help myself), then get liking his Facebook and following his Twitter. Easy.

Bye for now

J x