Double Pick ‘n’ Mix – Superpoze & Ofenbach

A YHM first this. A double helping of musical Pick ‘n’ Mix! It’s the equivalent of not getting enough gummy cherries, fried eggs or cola bottles but being able to head back to the shelves guilt free and grab some more! Sugar rush? Don’t get used to it though, just a one off as thought these two tracks went well together due to their nice chilled vibes and also, nobody likes a greedy guts. First up it’s Superpoze…


Yep you probs remember Superpoze from when we featured his well good debut album Openings (great english that I know) in the POTW. No? Well you should luckily I’ve given you the link back there so you can but if you want a little teaser to give you a friendly nudge, here’s his new vid for the record’s title track….



And for our second helping check this gorgeous slice of infectious deep house from Ofenbach, which is part of Crosswalk Records first anniversary compilation (making it Volume 1), which is rammed full of other gorgeous moments from the likes of MNEK’s remixer Sebastien Carter and a whole host of other talented peeps. And it’s out right now. Yummo.



Pick ‘n’ Mix – Son Lux // You Don’t Know Me

So the ace Son Lux have got a new tune out, and they’ve pulled in a fair bit of start power for the vid, by way of the lovely Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black fame and Noah Segan who’s off that big bad Hollywood blockbuster, Looper that also starred John Mcclane (or Bruce Willis as he’s known to normal people). It’s a feats of the eyes and ears. Enjoy…

That comes off Son Lux’s brill new album Bones which we featured just last week over in the POTW. It’s ruddy good, and you should download it. Or Stream it. Or  order it. Or go to your local record store and buy it. Or… get it however else you peeps consume music nowadays.



Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Lucy Mason


Diving straight in today, no fluff, just talk about tunes, cos you know I got shid to do (I do have a life outside this blog you know, it’s fairly uneventful but it’s a life all the same), so let me introduce you to my first New Music Takeaway of the day (yes there will be more), the lovely and talented Lucy Mason. Hailing from the land of Oz, she’s currently begun pushing her powerful brand of electro pop on these shores again via her latest E.P. All You Want. Having previously lit up the bloggy world with her debut E.P. White As Snow, this return sees her build on that promise with some pretty epic new tracks, including ‘Lost And Found’ (which has a belter of a vid you can watch here) & more recently ‘Seas Of Grey’ (below), which showcase her substantial talent coming across as a kind of Imogen Heap/ Florence & The Machine/ Rae Morris hybrid. All You Want is available right now via itoons and all that and trust me, you gonna wanna check it out.

That tickle your fancy? Course it did, so get yourself over to one or all of these pages for all the Lucy Mason you can handle - Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube

J x