Pick ‘n’ Mix – Mysteries // Authenticity Machine


Second visual treat of the day ya with the first vid from the ultra mysterious… uh… Mysteries! It’s ‘composed of excerpts from a short documentary about ‘Ian‘, a self-proclaimed alien abductee and conspiracy theorist’, which is nice and weird, and also extremely compelling, bit like the band & their music. Nobody knows who these guys are apart from that from the looks of their press shot, they may work as anonymous waiters near some kind of power station (are those Penfold masks?), or are possibly a trio of extras from the Wicker Man who never quite made it of Summerisle? Anyways, they released their cracking debut album called New Age Music Is Here which is both hypnotic and disorientatingly (that’s probably not a word but fuck it) brilliant, a little while back and this ‘ere vid soundtracks the standout track from it called ‘Authenticity Machine’… enjoy.


Pick ‘n’ Mix – New Hands // Strange Attractor


Not often you can say this but Canadian, Leeds based 5- Piece New Hands have created a world first with their video to new track ‘Strange Attractor’, that you can view below. The reason for it being a world first, I’ll let their man on the inside tell you the techy stuff:

‘the video was constructed using over 900 GIF files (the band sourced these from scouring endless home videos on Youtube) -each time the video is viewed, a different randomised sequence is loaded from the GIF database, creating a different video with each single view.’

So basically it’s a video that changes every ruddy time you watch it! How friggin’ cool is that?! Cooler than Jean Claude Van Damme’s boxer shorts after they’ve been left to dry outside his Ice House, we reckon (I know it’s an Ice Bar in the ads but that doesn’t quite work with the gag now does it).

You can have a gander at one version via the U-tube vide below and then nip on over to the band’s website here where you can watch another! Sweet man.

Oh and also should probs mention that the song’s a belter too. Produced by Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh &  sounding something like I would have imagined Joy Division would have if Ian Curtis had lived on into the New Order days, it’s a feast for the ears and the eyes. Yummo.


Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Tom Misch & Carmody / Ain’t No Love / Jason Nolan / The Erised

Quite sad this as I’m sure you’ll agree, this could well be my last New Music Takeaway (or Purchase Of The Week) until 2015!!! It’s ok, get some tissues and dry those eyes, it’s only a couple of weeks you guys. And I may get the urge & decide to do an impromptu one between now and then, but I doubt it. I’m a pretty lazy chap after all. Do keep an eye on the site and our media pages though because, whilst I may not be about, I’m sure the other YHM lads’ll post a few cheeky Pick ‘n’ Mix’s, Weekend Warm Ups, Remember Me’s and maybe even a few Christmas specials too if you’ve been good boys and girls this year.

Before I personally go wondering off to get drunk until the 2nd of Jan though, I’ve got some ultra fine new music for you as a bit of a send off/ early crimbo present. I’m nice like that. First up it’s…

Tom Misch & Carmody


So on monday when I got into the office and attempted shake off that weekend funk that with each passing year is starting to surround me further and further into the working week :( , I did my usual sweep of new releases, which in december normally takes about 10 seconds cos barely anything decent gets released. I obviously spotted D’Angelo’s ridiculously good comeback record Black Messiah (blogged about here on tuesday don’t you know) and gave that a fair few spins, but needing a bit of a change of pace after it’s sixth straight play I decided to have another roam around on the off chance that there was anything else worthwhile that had come out this week. That’s when I spotted this absolute gem of an E.P. (can’t quite remember where) and decided to have a lil listen. Something about the artwork just drew me in, maybe it was the composition of colours, maybe it was the autumnal feel of the design, or maybe I’m just trying to sound cultured, but whatever it was it hooked me. And thank the ruddy lord it did, because it really is one absolutely gorgeous E.P..

Having dug a little deeper since, I’ve found out that the duet consists of, the two named parties (obvo), Tom being a 19 year old producer & multi Instrumentalist, Carmody being a top drawer vocalist (and possibly an instrumentalist too- I couldn’t find that out). They’ve been making their sweet sounds together for around a year as far as I can tell (Tom’s also got some great solo stuff on his soundcloud too), releasing a previous single, called The Last Song and now their debut E.P. Out To Sea. Both are stunners well worth a purchase. Combining Tom’s laid back jazzy production style, beautiful instrumentation (which may well include Carmody’s too for all I know- sorry if it does Carmody!) over programmed hip hop & r’n’b beats, all topped by soulfully emotive vocals from both parties. Fans of Chet Faker (who Tom bares more than a passing resemblance to vocally as well as from a production standpoint) and just great tunes in general, are gonna fall head over heels with these two. Whether they end up going solo from this point forward or sticking as a duet (which I personally hope they do after their opening efforts), these are two names you should most definitely start following from this point forth.

Awesome right? You can download your very own copy of the E.P. via iTunes here and then you can head over to both artists pages by clicking these ‘ere links:

Tom Misch- Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Website

Carmody- Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Website


Ain’t No Love


Apologies, opened up with a bit of a long one there didn’t I. I do go on a bit I know, but I pinky swear the rest of the blog will be concise, no nonsense and straight to the point. Sort of. Starting with my next pick, Canadian Electro Hip Hop threesome, Ain’t No Love. Can you describe acts as threesome’s without thinking innuendo? Even if you can’t then these guys are definitely one act that you maybe able to get away with it on, what with their tunes having a fairly sexualised vibe. Their last single was called ‘Pussy Down’ after all, and it weren’t about giving vocal commands to moggy’s, if you know what I mean yo? Musically, there’s a real 90′s feel in their blend of synthy r’n’b & house, on their forthcoming Plummet E.P., which I’ve been lucky enough to have a cheeky pre-release listen to. It’s released in feb and by my reckoning, it’ll be slowly made it’s way across our dance floors right into the summer. Looking for references? Imagine if the likes of Bondax or Cyril Hahn went more hip hop & r’n’b, and you won’t be too far off.

Wanna keep an eye out for the E.P.’s release, tour dates, or just get stuck into Ain’t No Love’s general vibe then get following/ liking/ etc on one of these pages- Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Website


Jason Nolan


Third up for today we’ve got another artist/ producer who I just happened to stumble across, well sort of stumbled across, he actually contacted me via soundcloud, so I unfortunately can’t claim any credit whatsoever for finding him but hey I took the time to listen and didn’t just bin the message so I deserve credit there no? Nah probably not seeing as listening is kind of my job I suppose, but was just trying to get a bit of reflective glory you understand? My pride’s important to me as a blogger you know. I’m going massively off topic here and making it all about me when I should get on and start talking about the real subject of this piece, 21 year old producer Jason Nolan. So Jason messaged me with his most recent track released on soundcloud last week, and have to say I was more than impressed. How this lad isn’t better heard of yet I do not know. A jazz flautist (no Ron Burgundy jokes now, we’ve heard them all already) by trade he retains that jazz experimentalism in his production now, creating a tracks that merge chilled house & electronica using all kinds of different instruments & sounds to get there. After you press play on his brilliant Hot Chip- esque cover of The Editors’ ‘Munich’, take a listen to his self released debut E.P. called… EP and you’ll hear a man not scared to play with all manner of different genres and sounds but one who’s still able to tie it all together. It’s genuinely brilliant, and again extremely surprising that one of the electronic indies out there are yet to pick him up- it’s only a matter of time shirley (that’s an Airplane gag by the way).

Good hey? Well you can hear all of Jason’s other tracks, all of which I’d recommend by the way, by either getting on his Facebook or Soundcloud.


The Erised


The final musical feast I’ve got for you this week comes all the way from the Ukraine! Now maybe my knowledge of artist & band origins & nationalities is a bit shallow, but I’m not sure I’ve ever come across any band or musician from the Ukraine before, let alone any of a decent standard (if I’m wrong feel free to email me)? But after being sent a live recording by this shiny new six piece who go by the name of The Erised, maybe I need to broaden my horizons a little and start looking for more stuff from out that way. A bit of background for ya on these guys, they’ve just signed to the uber cool Med School label, itself the edgy offshoot of the slightly more mainstream Hospital Records, and can already count Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari’s lead singer) as a celeb fan. And both of those things combined, along with the obvious fact they are really really good, mean that it’s extremely likely their underground following is due to explode over here sooner rather than later (if it hasn’t already- I wouldn’t know as no hipsters invite me to their parties anymore :( ). Led by the delicate yet powerful & distinctive vocals of Miss Sofia Sukorukove, who herself also has a poppier solo project on the go under the moniker, Sonya, (busy girl) they specialise in the kind of heartfelt electronica that regulars to this blog will know, I’m extremely fond of, all of which is showcased in the aforementioned live vid of new track, ‘Pray’, below…

For the more patient among you, The Erised are due to release their debut E.P. early next year and you’re more than welcome to occupy yourself with other shiz whilst waiting for that. For the rest of us who need everything right now, get on their FacebookInstagram, Twitter pages, or their label, Med School’s (Hospital Records) Soundcloud or YouTube accounts where I’m sure there’ll be some more tunes released soon to tide you over till then.

Right, I’ll probs see yous guys in 2015 when I’m fat, hungover & sufficiently bloated from another large crimbo in the Laubscher household. If so, have a wonderful christmas and a eugene new year my friends. Peace & love and all that balls



Pick ‘n’ Mix – Hannah Peel // I Believe In Father Christmas (Greg Lake Cover)


It’s only a week til ruddy Crimbo!! Well eight days anyways. Who’s excited?! MEEEEEEEEE. Bout time we all get in the festive spirit no? So let’s all have a lil listen to Hannah Peel’s lovely cover of everyone’s fave crimbo song (well it’s Daddy Laubscher’s at least), which comes part of her single release with the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club- you can find more info about that and hear the marvellous a-side, ‘Find Peace’ by clicking here.

Peace on earth on all that jazz


Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – D’Angelo & The Vanguard // Black Messiah


So you’ve probably already heard via Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat or Soundcloud or YouTube or just plain old word of mouth that at midnight yesterday, one of the raddest, coolest, smoothest mudda pukka’s currently still residing on this earth made his long awaited comeback, with little fanfare, just dropping out of nowhere. Yes D’Angelo, the king of the slow jam, is back with his first new album in 14 years, with it’s predecessors, Voodoo, and debut Brown Sugar being released in 2000 & 1995 respectively. It’s almost like a second coming no? HAHAHA see what I did there with the album name and all that?! Shit (and slightly inappropriate) gags aside, loves to make us wait this dude don’t he. Five years for a second album then 14 more for a third?! Have to say though, it’s actually quite refreshing seeing someone taking their time, making people wait and doing it on his own terms, in a world where culture is now so throwaway due to the instant gratification and impatience bred by the internet- particularly in music, where the next big thing can be dumped on the scrap heap before even getting a chance to release anything if public interest has already moved on.

Having said that, doing things in your own sweet time is a tad easier when even after a 14 year absence, you’re already at the demi-god status where D’Angelo resides, due to the quality of those two previous releases. But hey let’s still applaud the guy for not bowing to the pressure of releasing stuff just for the sake of it and in attempt to stay in the public eye. Instead, you can easily see that D’Angelo has indeed taken his time to get things just right on Black Messiah. This here, is one long glorious slow burn, so if you’re looking for instant pop hooks then this ain’t gonna be your bag, but then if you’ve listened to either of his previous albums then you should know that anyways.

Recorded, mixed etc entirely in analogue, again there’s another huge hint that D’Angelo’s vibe is all about doing things how he sees fit, unaffected by the world around, and it gives the record a completely vintage and timeless sound that stays very much in touch with those two previous classics. It’s almost as if the 14 years haven’t happened and that Black Messiah simply rolled straight out after Voodoo, and that’s kind of touched on in his lyrics, and even in the track names, with two being called ‘Back To The Future’ (parts 1 & 2). Playing somewhere between early Prince, Marvin Gaye & Stevie Wonder, it’ll be hard to imagine this record not being held up as high as any of that trio’s best work. Each track here jams along at it’s own pace revealing more with each listen, effortlessly fusing jazz, r’n’b, soul, blues and rock- exactly how he used to.

So he’s back, and yet somehow after a couple of spins of Black Messiah it’s like he’s never been away, with a near perfect record that whilst coming extremely late in the day (or year) has got to have forced it’s way onto any true music lover’s album of the year list. Got a feeling that just over a week before the annual avalanche of socks and underpants that is Christmas, I’ve already had one of my favourite pressies.

J x

P.S. If you fancy spending a few extra pennies on some toons this week then whilst there ain’t a lot else out there in the way of albums you could do a lot worse than grabbing yourself a copy of one of Temple Invisible’s (you may recognise the name cos they were one of last week’s New Music Takeaway’s? No? Then obviously you’ve not been reading my shiz you naughty little scamps) debut E.P., ENTER_ . It’s packed full of lovely dark synthy goodness. And here’s a little snifter from it for ya…