Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Blood Cultures

 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 14.54.40

No that dude above isn’t the phone jacker guy. I don’t actually know who it is, but whoever it is he’s a musician who makes his music under the moniker, Blood Cultures. And that’s all I know. He released his debut single, the gorgeously blissed out, balearic synth pop number, ‘Indian Summer’, on soundcloud over a year ago and just under a month ago he followed it up with the equally gorgeous ‘Scenes From A Midnight Movie’. And that really is it. Well there’s a little bit more cos actually, after a bit of light googling, I firstly confirmed that it is indeed a man in question, and further to that, that he’s a solo artist from New Jersey apparently. But that’s obviously second hand info and could well be bullshit for all I know. I could’ve done more digging but I couldn’t be arsed, I’m no Julian Assange after all, I’ve got no burning desire to hunt down the truth to out the guy. And besides, whoever he is he obviously likes his privacy, and so long as he keeps churning out tunes as dreamy as these first two then who cares who’s under the mask? Or if there even is a mask, or a man, or if any of us are really here?

I’m putting both tracks up cos I like them so very much. Also couldn’t leave out ‘Indian Summer’ with us sort of being in one now could I?

Not a great deal of content on any of these, what with Blood Cultures being a man of mystery ‘n all but here’s his links all the same - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / YouTube / Bandcamp / Website

J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix – Julia Biel // Licence To Be Cruel (Triptyc Remix)

Who fancies getting jazzed up this arvo? And maybe getting lil’ a dose of trip hop too? Then step this way folks…

So that was the intoxicating first track to be released from Julia Biel’s forthcoming Licence To Be Cruel Remix E.P., which includes re-works of tracks from both of her albums (Not Alone and Love Letters And Other Missiles) from peeps like Son Lux, Wu-Lu, Yes King, Other Worlds & obviously the one above from Triptyc and comes out next month (November 20th). Well worth a look my friends.