Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Phantom


Not sure if you guys remember but way back in 1996 a movie came out called The Phantom. It was one of the early comic book adaptations, one of the superhero genre pioneers if you will. It starred Billy Zane, (remember him? He used to be Mr Kelly Brook), and was, well, a bit heavy on the Gorgonzola and also a bit shit. But I loved it. Obviously though, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with that film (or maybe it does?), but instead it’s about a ultra cool (as you can see by their artwork above- who’s the menacing dude without a face…???) Finnish electronic duo of the same name. They’ve already gained fans like The xx, The Guardian & Drowned In Sound, so you know they gonna be good yo, and they’re about to release new single called ‘Over’ tomorrow (27th Nov) which is a moody, atmospheric, yet hooky, synth pop masterpiece that comes off their forthcoming album which will be released soon ( I think). And if you head over to their soundcloud (link below) there’s a whole load of other similarly beautifully dark tunes just waiting for you.

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Pick ‘n’ Mix – Snowpoet // Waves

Ever wondered what Jazz folk fusion would sound like? Step right this way…

Bet you didn’t think it’d be that enchanting did ya? It’s the new one from Snowpoet and it’s taken their forthcoming debut album, which get’s in release in Jan next year.



Pick ‘n’ Mix – Honne // Gone Are The Days

Are there any smoother acts out there the world today than Honne? I mean ever? Naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

That’s the title track to the duo’s forthcoming E.P. which get’s it’s release on the 22nd Jan. The lads are also playing the Electric Ballroom in Brixton on Match 3rd, which will more than likely sell out pretty darn soon, so grab yourself some tickies real quick or you’re probs miss out and then you’re face will look like this :(



Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Swim

swim high res no logo small

So about 10 minutes ago, I’m looking out my window and the sun is slowly going down creating a genuinely stunning autumn sunset. Do worry, I’m not going all soft and gooey on you guys, but I will admit, it was making me feel a bit warm and daydreamy. And as always when a specific mood or feeling takes hold of me, one of the first thoughts that enters my head, is that I need an appropriate soundtrack, and that’s where the debut song, ‘Next To Me’, from Swedish duo, Swim, comes in. It’s gorgeously chilled, warm, daydreamy and yes, just the right amount of gooey, with floaty synths drifting over the thick electronic bass lines, all finished with front woman, Erika’s light, airy vocals. With it’s Scando synth pop meets balearic chill out vibe, it makes the band name pretty apt really, as it’s sort of what your mind does when you listen to it. ‘Next To Me’s only been out five days, so they’re very new to the music world are Swim, but if they keep releasing stuff as beaut as this, they’ll be around a fair while I reckons.

Fancy a Swim in their online pool? - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

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Pick ‘n’ Mix – Seafret // Wildfire

The new Seafret track’s so hot it’s gonna spread like….

Did ya get it? Did ya?! Cheesy wordplay aside, that bit of gloriousness is the lead track from the duo’s debut album Tell Me It’s Real, which we here at YHM have been waiting eagerly for since we first heard about them in the NMT way back in Nov last year (which weirdly enough happens to be the same one we talked about Bernaccia who’s new track we blogged earlier today! Weird huh?). It finally gets it’s release at the end of next Jan (29th). Goody


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