Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Emilie Nicolas


Had a bit of a ruddy mare today. Some of you may have noticed that the website ‘s been down all day :( . And it’s taken ruddy ages to get to the arse of the problem, mainly because despite my love of using all gadgets and tech-y stuff, I’m fricking useless when it comes to fixing any of them. And I mean really really fricking useless. Doesn’t stop me having a go at fixing it though. I am a man after all and I do feel as a man, it should be innately in my skill set to be able to fix anything and everything that goes boobs up. So the problem is never lack of effort, but an extreme lack of general intelligence and basic understanding of how things work. The result of this dangerous combo, is that when confronted with something malfunctioning i.e. our website today, I begin the following steps, blindly fumbling around attempting to sort the problem out. It starts with blankly staring at whatever’s broken, before calmly googling it, then staring at again, then swearing at it, then slightly furiously googling it again, then staring at it again, then throwing things at it, then swearing again at it, then aggressively unplugging & replugging for a few mins, then severely clenching at it, before finally swearing again at it again. I normally repeat this process for several hours before I finally punch myself out, accept defeat and call someone cleverer than me, who cheerily sorts whatever it was in minutes, with ridiculously annoying and patronising ease. This winds me up even more. The whole episode normally leaves me as an exasperated, confused, emasculated, dangerously stressed (I’m talking Michael Douglas Falling Down stressed) and embarrassed shell of a man.

That was me around an hour ago. My web dude did, though, get the site back online (literally within minutes), and I was left to decide whether there was enough time to still get a NMT done or whether my exploding head would be too much of a hindrance to writing one, and that I should instead just go take an ice bath. I chose the former. The main reason for that was I decided that better than an ice bath, why not calm my aching head with some nice soothing scando synth pop? And in a flash of inspiration that shone through my rage/ shame, I remembered that just a month or so ago, I had in fact come across a young Norwegian artist by the name of Emilie Nicolas, and that her tunes would be just the ticket. And they were. Within a minute of ‘Grown Up’ playing, with it’s warm chilled synths and percussive clicks and above all Emilie’s ethereal vocals, I’d regained my cool and my head stayed in one piece. Point is, that if like me, you’ve had a bit of a stressy one today, pop this through your headphones and I reckon you’ll be back to your calm old self too.

As far as references go, if you’ve heard Wet’s recent self titled E.P., then Emilie’s definitely cut from the same cloth. If you’ve not heard that yet, I reckon if you blended Robyn, The Knife, Beth Orton, & Bjork, and then added a thick dollop of 80′s synth pop, you’d not be far off. Sounds interesting yeah? Interesting enough for the organisers at Latitude, The Great Escape & Somerset House to have booked Emilie for slots at each this year already. But don’t worry if you missed those, I’m sure she’ll be back in the UK soon. I hope so anyways.

Like that didn’t ya. Feeling all warm and at one with the world again aren’t ya. Yeah well if you want that feeling again in the future then you’d better keep tabs on all Emilie’s new releases and stuff by following her Facebook & Soundcloud

Emilie Nicolas – For fans of Wet, Robyn, Beth Orton, The Knife

P.S. Knocking around in Cowes tonight? If so head down to the marina and see The Operators and a load of other bands open up Cowes Week at this here event. It’ll be real good fun.

The Weekend Warm Up – Richard Seaborne / Is This Acid?

Every Friday The Weekend Warm Up endeavours to bring you a track to get your weekend started. Wether it be hot off the press or a kebab shop classic, we hope to guarantee those Friday Feelings, Saturday Smiles and Second Chance Sunday’s get off with a bang!




Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Honne


So last week, here on the New Music Takeaway, I unveiled Shaw‘s (aka Geoffrey Shaw) first track from his solo side project before any other blogs/ mags/ publications. That’s right, you literally, heard that shiz, right here, first. Now whilst you may think I’m repeating my bragging from last week to ram home the point, I’m actually not doing it to massively blow my own trumpet (well I kind of am) but instead to try and give myself a bit of leeway for indulging in a bit of blatant thievery this week. And that’s cos this week’s NMT, London based duo Honne, have been stolen directly from another publication (NME online- it’s pointless me trying to hide who it was, as it’s all over the band’s social media pages), and involved zero work on my part in finding/ researching it, other than opening Facebook, and checking my newsfeed. But hey, I’m here to spread the word about good music whether I’m first or last to discover it, right? You miss it there, you’ll find it here, and vice versa. All swings and roundabouts this blogging game innit.

Anyways, having seen the description given for Honne on my newsfeed by NME, it sounded interesting enough to hook me in, and hook men in it did. It’s called ‘Warm On A Cold’ and it kind of does that whole laid back, soulful electro funk thing that Chet Faker’s been doing the last few years. It’d be equally at home soundtracking a summer’s pre-night out booze sesh, a chilled hung-over sunday BBQ or your bedroom seduction techniques. It’s smooth as fuck. I’d normally go into a bit more detail about the duo now but there’s not a great deal else I can say about the lads as from the looks of their social media pages, they’ve literally just started along the road to massiveness and are either staying shy/ mysterious by not putting much info up, or they just haven’t had time to yet. There is, a touch more info about the guys, like their names for example (Andy & James), on the NME’s exclusive post of the track, but I’m too proud/ lazy to just repeat all that here. However, if you do fancy having a gander at it you can do so by clicking this link. Before you do though, why not stick around here a tad longer and have another listen to ‘Warm On A Cold Night’?

J x

If you wanna keep up with all future things Honne, have a peak at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud pages

Honne – For fans of Chet Faker, Gayngs, Ben Khan, Frank Ocean, James Blake

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – La Roux


Last week I started my POTW by saying I had very little time to write the blog and so it was gonna be a short one on account of the fact I was particularly busy with other exxxxxxtreeeeeemely important work things. This week it’s also gonna be a short one, but for a different reason. Firstly, there’s not many records out that are floating my boat, and two, cos it’s fucking hot out there today and I want to finish this nice and quick so that I can get out there and drink some beer whilst burning my pasty body.

So let’s get on with it. La Roux. Everyone likes La Roux don’t they. Why does everyone like La Roux? Cos she doesn’t try and ram her crotch in your face every time you look in a newspaper or open your social media pages, instead choosing to quietly go about her business of creating extremely high quality electro dance pop that somehow manages to be ultra cool, unpretentious, serious and fun all at the same time. And that’s not easy to do. Now I realise that there’s been a lot of high expectation and column inches dedicated to this follow up to her also brilliant debut album, in the lead in, and you’re probably expecting me to talk about her split from co-writer and producer Ben Lagmaid, and his ‘open letter’ about it, but hey, I’m not. Again because it’s hot, and also because it’s really none of my business. So long as Miss Elly Jackson goes on creating toons as good as the 9 on Trouble In Paradise I’m not really too bothered whether she’s solo, a duo, a three-o or a four-o, so long as she’s the driving force behind it I’ll still be listening and loving it. It’s a relatively shortish record but the standard never dips, from lead single ‘Let Me Down Gently’ to the hooky as fcuk ‘Cruel Sexuality’ to latest release ‘Uptight Downtown’ (and I could go on) it’s wall to wall 80′s influenced synth pop bangers. It honestly don’t get a great deal better. Enjoy.




The ladies are really smashing it this week ain’t they?! My second favourite album is Conversations by Woman’s Hour. And whilst the band name may suggest that they’re a group of elderly females getting together swapping knitting tips and heavily iced Victoria sponges they most definitely are not that. What they are, are a mixed gender, but female fronted, four piece who specialise in a kind of indier version of the soulful synth led, dreamy pop that Sade used to knock out through the late 80′s and 90′s. More recently, acts like Rhye, Daughter, Rosie Lowe, Jessie Ware and London Grammar come to mind too. It’s chilled, it’s gorgeous, it’s perfect to drift away to while enjoying a frosty beer in the sun with… almost there…


Dononvan Blanc doesn’t exist. Well he exists as a fictitious musician but in reality he is two men from New Jersey, Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab. Apparently, Joseph & Raymond created this ‘Donovan’ character as a kind of uber sleaze who would seduce young ladies with his music into coming back to his flat so that he could photograph them in the nudey. So basically Terry Richardson but younger and with added music. Bit weird yeah? Sounds like it should be awful right? Well it’s not and borderline female exploitation fantasies aside, Joseph, Raymond & Donovan have crafted a very good record. Give it a whirl and it’s laid back, lo-fi, sultry 70′s influenced melodies could well see you finding yourself back in Donovan’s flat wearing nothing but a cheeky smile…


Need something to wash the sleaze off? Try Alvvays’ self titled debut. They may be Canadian but they without doubt sound like they should be from the sunny beaches of Californ.i.a. to me.  Their dreamy surf pop is enough to bring a wistful smile to anyone’s face. Jangly guitars, indie power pop hooks, and airy vocals from lead Molly Rankin… good lord, all these summery vibez, I gotta get outside man. I suggest you have a listen to this then come join me.

I’m off. See yous in the sunshine.

J x