Jasper’s New Music Takeaway // Wons Phreely / Toby / Tamu Massif / Goan Dogs / Krusoe


Artist / Band Name – Wons Phreely

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW

The Word – Indie rocker who recently relocated to the City Of Angels, has a sound that’s akin to The National frontman, Matt Berninger’s side project EL VY, and who we could well be seeing play Roy Orbison in a biopic film in the next few years. Nice gig that’ll be.

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Artist / Band Name – Toby

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Soundcloud with upcoming debut E.P. Tax Free to follow sooooooooooooooon

The Word – Chilled & summery synths with a bit of Gold Panda/ Flume type experimental electronic vibe, using chopped up, manipulated vocals more like another instrument than well, a vocal. Intriguing stuff.

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Tamu photo OK 2016 600x400PIX

Artist / Band Name – Tamu Massif

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW with a new E.P. in the works for later in the year

The Word – More laid back, summer vibes next up from singer songwriter Tamu Massif. Again it’s a tad experimental, but with more of a pop base, with off kilter synths and beats that sit well alongside the two acts he’s already been supporting live, The Japanese House & C Duncan.

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Artist / Band Name – Goan Dogs

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW (On Soundcloud)

The Word – Elbow’s Guy Garvey said that he loves indie pop 5 piece Goan Dogs calling them ‘Bristol’s Finest’. And I think I can stop right there, cos whatever Guy Garvey says I’d more than happily go along with- just for the record though, even before I read that quote I too thought they were pretty ace too…

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krusoe 2016 small

Artist / Band Name – Krusoe

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW with his debut E.P., Give Up The Coast, to follow soon

The Word – Retro psych pop from our last artist for the day, and in fact for a week or so (I’m off on hols next week- YAAAAAYYYY), that recalls the sounds of bands like Doves- who I ruddy loved- back in the day. His name’s Krusoe, he was born in London, then moved to Paris, then onto Berlin, then to Belgrade and is now back in Oxford. They all come back….

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Right, as I just said I’m off for a week now so you guys have got a bit of a break but rest assured I’ll be back, sort of refreshed, hopefully, real soon.



Jasper’s New Music Takeaway // Field Trip / Skinny Living / Alex Sloane / Sunshine & The Blue Moon


Artist / Band Name – Field Trip

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW with forthcoming album, Horror Vacui, out 11/11

The Word – Distinctive. That’s the best word to describe Field Trip’s smokey, lo fi psych pop I reckon. But if you really need more, think early Twin Shadow but fronted by the legendary, late Clayhill frontman Gavin Clarke. A third way to describe them? Fackin’ awesome.

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Artist / Band Name – Skinny Living

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW and it’s taken from their debut E.P. III which is out tomorrow (26th Aug)

The Word – No Skinny Living aren’t a preachy new vegan dieting restaurant in Shoreditch. They’re actually a four piece band from Dublin, who do super smooth, soulful, folky indie that sits somewhere in the middle of a mystical musical triangle with Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Hozier & Jose Gonzalez on each corner.

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Artist / Band Name – Alex Sloane

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW (on Soundcloud) with a debut E.P. coming soon

The Word – When young half Chinese, half French, L.A. singer songwriter Alex Sloane isn’t ‘gramming (is that short for posting on instagram?) uber trendy fashion shizzle she’s off writing & performing songs that combine elements of elements of trap, pop, R&B and even K-pop. She cool.

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Artist / Band Name – Sunshine & The Blue Moon

Latest Release –

Release Date – NOW (on YouTube & Soundcloud) with their debut record Welcome To The Future due out Sept 16th

The Word – According to Sunshine & the Blue Moon, one listen to one of their delightful alt indie tracks, ‘may place you on a rural road with your sweetheart, while another might place you in a pulsing dream wanting nothing more than to escape the hot city streets, to shake and dance the through the night’. Sounds good right? Yep.

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J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix // Maccie – Bleed

We’re Bleeding love for Maccie’s new track (LOL)…

That’s the latest single from the Toronto’s artist who’s previous single, ‘High’, Jasper featured over in the NMT a while back HERE