What Happened to The Mini Disc? // Wyvern Lingo


Last week in the NMT we introduced you to three lovely ladies who go by the name of Wyvern Lingo who’s unique blend of folk, pop and r’n’b is wonderfully showcased in their debut E.P. The Widow Knows. And here’s a track from that delightful E.P. called ‘Used’ to refreshify your memory…

At the moment the girls are currently in the middle of a load of live dates supporting the equally brill Hozier on his sold out tour, along with a couple of their very own headlines in the big smoke, the first being tonight at the Shacklewell Arms and second being in a few more days time on the 30th at The Islington. And both of them are only ruddy FREE, so you can enjoy their sounds, grab a cheeky kebab, & get the night bus home all for under a tenner (obviously that’s completely dependent on where exactly you live, but you get the idea, it’ll be cheap cheap cheap)! Sounds like the perfect date night to me? Anyways, despite being constantly on the road and rehearsing left right and centre for the big gigs, the lovely ladies still managed to find the time to tell us what’d be on their Mini Discs, which was very nice of them, so if you’re looking for a bit of listening inspiration on this post bank holiday tuesday, here’s some ideas courtesy of the ‘Lingo lasses… 

1. The Dalston Shuffle – One to impress your hipster mates with

Wyvern Lingo says – Hiatus Kaiyote, ‘Molasses’ - The music they’re making at the moment is unique, fresh and totally original. They’re a huge inspiration to us. They just brought out a new album which we love and can’t wait to hear more music from them.

Sexy, smooth and super cool. Three things we at YHM, strive and fall well short of being each and every day :(

2. WWE Superstud – Intro music for your wrestling alta ego

Wyvern Lingo saysRihanna, ‘Wait Your Turn’ - THIS IS F*CKING EPIC! Rihanna is CLASS!

Talking of sexy, Ri Ri’s a bit of alright ain’t she

3. I Hate You / Please Don’t Leave Me – The one you’d club along to post break up

Wyvern Lingo says - Jeff Buckley, ‘Lover You Should have Come Over’ – He’s another one of our favourite artists.  His lyrics are quite simple and honest, which makes him perfect to relate to.

One of the first non Oasis tunes I ever learnt to butcher on a guitar that. Precious memories.

Big thanks to Wyvern Lingo for those ace selections. If you wanna get some more info on the tour, their releases, or anything else Wyvern related here’s some links to help you do so…

Facebook / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram / Website

Oh and make sure you get yourself down to either the Shacklewell tonight or The Islington saturday, to see the girls do their thang in the flesh. You will not be disappointed I can tell ya.


Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Ron Flieger


Everyone ready for the Bank Holiday then? I ruddy am. I’ve kind of got that feeling I used to get on the last day of term at school, where you basically just get in that morning full of excitement and all you can think about is getting back home ready to do absolutely nothing with your holidays. The lessons were a complete waste of time, and if a teacher tried to make you do anything, the only thing he would succeed in getting you to do, would be hating him for the rest of your (school) life… maybe that was just me? Anyway I’m digressing, massively. The point I was going to make is that I wanna get the fuck out of the office and go get leathered already, and that feeling has just been enhanced about 200% after listening to Berlin based artist, producer & remixer extraordinaire’s latest track ‘Feel Your Love’. It’s the title track to his debut E.P. (released 12th June) and it’s just pure summer, full of laid back guitar hooks, grooves and disco beats. I will warn you though, if you’ve actually still got work to do this arvo and don’t wanna be clock watching til 5-6 maybe leave pressing play until you get home where you can enjoy it to the full with an ice cold can of special brew in hand…

I did warn ya didn’t I. Well in for a penny, you can have a listen to more of Ron’s party starters/ remixes via these links - Facebook / Soundcloud / Website

J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix – Vuurwerk // G.R.I.P. EP

Post dubsteppers Vuurwerk released their latest EP last week. Fans of Massive Attack this is your vibe. There’s also a cracking remix from our fave electronic Swedish trio DNKL thrown in for good measure. We like.



What Happened to The Mini Disc? – Missio


So last Friday our fave new electronica maestro Missio (maestro Missio’s some nice alliteration right?) released his awesomely epic debut self titled E.P. out into the world. And it’s a bloody stunner we can tell ya (you can stream it in full via his soundcloud right now which is nice), as powerful and emotive as it is atmospheric and beautiful, and here’s a little example of what I’m talkin’ boot, by way of recent single ‘I’ve Lost My Way’, just in case you missed it our post on it a little while back (slap wrists for you)…

Nice yo? Bit of a heart string tugger eh. Well dry your eyes (at least until you get to the end of this post, you might need a fresh box of kleenex then- but not in that way you grubby pups) cos Missio is about to give us a little snippet of the kind of tunes he’d be carrying round on his Mini Disc, if those wonderful little pieces of plastic hadn’t been entirely smashed up by an evil giant Apple…

1. Pump Up My Gym – What’s your top work out tune (or the one that you listen to whilst you’re sat at home in your lycra eating Haagen Dazs, instead of working out)

Missio says, ‘I like to pretend i’m a backup rapper for Kendrick Lamar every time his song “Alright” comes on. I have all the lyrics memorized and say “We gon’ b alright” a minimum of 5x a day.’

Jasper actually auditioned to be one of Kendrick’s backing dancers last year. He wasn’t selected.


2. The 2am Grabber – The one you’d bump ‘n’ grind to in order to clinch that glorious late night pull
Missio says, ‘If I knew how to “slow twerk” it would be to James Blake’s “Retrograde.” I have to be careful where I am when that song turns on.’

Sexy sexy. How can females resist a bit of slow twerking to JB? That’s a real question if any ladies would like to comment, cos when I tried it last I found myself covered in strawberry daiquiri (quite tasty but ruined my favourite cream linen blazer)

3. I hate you / Please don’t leave me – The one you’d blub along to post break up
Missio says, ‘I’ve ‘blubbed’ many a time to Imogen Heap’s “Hide & Seek”. I don’t even know if it’s supposed to be a sad song it just makes me think of Cal Cooper dying in the tv series “The O.C.” haha.’

That’s brought back some dark times for us all I’m sure. Poor old Cal :(

Three belters there for you courtesy of Matthew Missio (his surname’s actually Brue but I went for alliteration again), so big thanks to him. If you’d like to know more about Missio and listen to that wonderful debut E.P. of his, which I’m sure you do, then here’s his vibe:

Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube //  Website

Bye Bye