Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Cambio Sun


Anyone else still feeling it after the bank holiday? Cos bugger me I am :( Must be getting old, double :( :(  Nah can’t be that, I’m only 19 (+ a few years ;) ) It’s cos I’m still so young that I use so many emoticons, cos that’s what us nippers do innit. That and use lots and lots of lovely txt spk. You oldies’ll never understand (MEGA LOLZ). Anyway I’m veering off topic, what I was starting this post off by saying was that because I am still feeling a little bit floaty headed after the weekend (yes I’m a massive puss), I decided to look for some chilled vibez for the NMT this week to soothe my aching brain. And just after starting my extensive search- 2 mins actual searching, 25 mins daydreaming, I remembered that my buddy James Yuill (yes I’m a massive name dropper) had posted a status last week about a new super cool, super chilled band/ artist called Cambio Sun- there’s a lack of info anywhere as to which it is, but if I was a betting man, I’d go with solo artist. And as James does know his onions from his elbows (???) I decided to check that shiz out.

Sure enough, Cambio Sun are awesome. Well their first two tracks, ‘Intuition’ and ‘Weight Of The World’ are anyways. And what’s even better they were indeed both perfect for my state of mind. It’s all dreamily epic synths & laid back beats, topped by soothing Bon Iver-esque vocals, lovely stuff. And whilst I know the ‘Bon Iver-esque’ bit there probably sounds like a bit of a lazy reference on account of everyone describing everything that has falsetto, auto-tuned vocals as sounding like Bon Iver, it genuinely does sound like it. But for those of you turning your noses up at that, hipsters I’m looking at you, I’ll give you a couple of other slightly more left field references as well. Mr Yuill described them as being like Moderat, Sohn and Cloud Boat combined. I’d completely agree with that but also like to add in a bit of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, a dash of Gallant, a touch of Solomon Grey (specifically on ‘Last Century Man’), and lastly a pinch of Stumbleine. That enough for ya? Probably gone too far and confused the crap out of everyone haven’t I. Soz, can’t help myself sometimes. Best just stick to what Yuilly said, he’s a lot cleverer than me.  

If you liked a bit of that, and obviously you did, then why not select your favourite social network flavour, Facebook, Soundcloud or Instagram and keep yourself up to date with all things Cambio Sun by liking, following, etc, etc (their fb & instagram pages, both being extremely shiny & new, are criminally under liked/ followed at the mo, so go show some support on those especially).

J x

Jasper’s Purchase Of The Week – Merchandise


Ultra quick one today I’m afraid folks. My own fault, I was hung over and completely useless yesterday (too many White Lightnings over the bank holiday weekend obvo) and so put this off til today, totally forgetting I already had a jam packed schedge. So big apologies to all the bands releasing their stuff this week, Merchandise especially, as their third album, After The End, really does deserve more than just a teeny weeny paragraph, but being the disorganised nobber I am, I’ve only time for a few lines (the written kind of course for all you naughty minds out there).

That does however give me enough time to fit in the most important part of this review and that’s to tell you guys that, YOU NEED TO BUY THIS ALBUM. It’s soooooo, sooooooo good. You need it in your life, you do. These guys used to be a punked up noise act, but for whatever reason they’ve decided to make an indie pop record, and on this basis, their previous records have just been wasted time. Not cos they were particularly bad, but just cos this is so good, it’s quite obviously what they should’ve been doing all along. But hey, better late than never. Taking it’s references from late 80′s indie, it’s a blend of the best that was, Simple Minds, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, Camera Obscura, & on lead single, ‘Enemy’, theirs even a bit of Duran Duran thrown in to too. It’s like a pop version of the last couple of The Horrors’ records. Big crooning baritone vocals, reminiscent of Daughn Gibson, over melodies that already sound like timeless classics. Go buy it now, as in, right now.




Always seems to happen that the best new releases always come in the same weeks no? As on most other weeks this year, Brill Bruisers, would comfortably be my pick for the week. But unfortunately it’s tough titties that it came out the same week as Merchandise’s masterpiece above. If you do however, have some extra cash laying around after your big bank holiday booze up, then this record is where you wanna invest it, as the NP’s have come up with the best album yet. Full of zany alt pop, the John Collins, Neko Case, A.C. Newman, Kathryn Calder supergroup come across like MGMT without the pre-tense, Rilo Kiley with added fun, Yeasayer with a touch more focus, I could go on, but you get the picture…


Take the scuzz out of Dinosaur Jr and leave behind the tippity top songwriting but on stripped back guitars, and that’s what you get with J Mascis’ latest solo album, Tied To A Star. Funny that, seeing as J Mascis is the Dinosaur Jr frontman! Crazy times hey! It’s always nice when you see rockers show their sensitive side through the medium of an acoustic innit. Love that shid. And there is some really lovely stuff on here, it’s melodic, it’s heartfelt, it’s gorgeous.


And another sensitive and heartfelt record out this week, is Annie Eve’s debut, Sunday ’91. This one’s written from a more downbeat perspective than J Mascis’ but it has some equally beautiful moments. Sitting somewhere between Daughter’s brilliant debut, If You Leave, from last year and Laura Marling’s delicate folk, if you’re a fan of either then you’re more than likely gonna get right into this. It’s music to shut yourself away to, with it’s dark swirling melodies and fragile, haunting vocals, in the right mood, you could easily lose an hour or so listening to Sunday ’91.

Told you it was gonna be a short one didn’t I. Short but extremely sweet though…

J x