Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Raye / Nite Fields / Ekkah / Still Parade / From Kid

Another week, another batch of highly talented, highly motivated, highly…. can’t think of what else to write there. Soz. Anyways what I’m very clumsily getting at, is that all the acts below are very very good and you need to add them into your lives. Also I went to see The National last night at the O2. That’s of no actual relevance to this blog, but they were fricking amazing, and I just wanted to brag about that a bit. But back to the new music vibez…


Opening up for us this week we have the very lovely young lady above who goes by the name of Raye for all her musical endeavours. In the rest of her life she’s known as Rachel Keen, and she’s just 17 years young, if that’s of any interest, and it definitely should be, if her free downloadable debut E.P. Welcome To The Winter is anything to go by, cos I tell ya, if she keeps this standard up, she gonna be huge bruv. It’s seven whole tracks of ridiculously smooth r’n’b (think along the lines of a female The Weeknd and you won’t be far off) that perfectly showcase Raye’s vocals that are both sultry & soulful in equal measure. Keep an eye on this one guys and gals. Also did I mention that her E.P.’s free? Well yeah it is, so there really isn’t any excuse not to go and grab yourself a copy over on her website right now is there…

For all other things Raye you’re gonna wanna get on one or all of these here pages- FacebookTwitter, Soundcloud, Instagram


Nite Fields Photo by Sarah Werkmeister copy

Next up we’ve got Aussie four piece Nite Fields. Now regular readers will know that I’ve had a pretty keen eye on the electro/ dance scene down under over the last year or so, with a whole raft of bloody good acts sprouting from it, like Panama, Bastian’s Happy Flight & Flight Facilities, to name but a few, but there’d not really been a lot of evidence over here in pom-land, that the indie scene was gonna follow in it’s slip stream (unless you class Jagwar Ma as indie, which I wouldn’t, so forget them for a min cos otherwise what I just wrote means bugger all). Until now that is!! All it takes is one very good band to smash on through and normally that’ll blaze a trail for others to follow, and judging by the evidence of Nite Fields’ latest track ‘You I Never Know’ (produced by Nigel Lee-Yang of HTRK, who we also like), which precedes their debut album next feb, they may well be that band. Gorgeous shoegaze’y guitars, topped with lead singer, Danny Venzin’s deadpan baritone it’s like listening Nick Cave guesting on vocals for Ride, with a touch of Echo & The Bunnymen swirling round in there too. If The rest of the record’s anywhere near as good as this, it’s gonna be a belter.

 For more Nite Fields info and to keep up with release & tour news and all that jazz, pop on over to their Facebook or Soundcloud pages



After that delightful little indie interlude from Nite Fields, it’s time to head back into the world of r’n’b. And heading ‘back’ seems quite appropriate here, as lady duo Ekkah have just released their debut E.P. Last Chance To Dance which is dripping with retro 90′s ness. Taking similar reference points as acts like YHM Fave, Blood Orange and Solange this little four track teaser has definitely got me a little bit excited as to what’s next to come from the Rebecca & Rebekah. And I’ve now just twigged why they’re called Ekkah. Sharp ain’t I.

 For all the tightwads out there you can listen to the whole E.P. above or by clicking on their Soundcloud page, but really you should head on over to iTunes by clicking here and buy yourself a copy. It’s well worth 199 of your pennies, and I’m sure the Ekkah’s will be very grateful if you do. And after you’ve done that you should get following/ liking their Facebook & Instagram pages, just cos you should. 



If you go onto Still Parade’s Facebook page (link below), you’ll see that they describe themselves as a ‘dream folk’ band. I’m sooooooo glad I nipped onto that page before I started writing about them as I have to be honest I was really drawing a blank as to how to describe them, and dream folk seems to do the job perfectly. Before I saw that I was thinking along the lines of… actually I’m not even gonna say it it’s that shit it’s embarrassing. Away from my complete mental blanks in naming sub genres though and actually going back to Still Parade, sitting somewhere between Fleet Foxes & Cambio Sun, these are the guys you wanna listen to if you’ve just had a right shitter of a day. Just pop on any one of their tracks and you’ll instantly be transported away to a parallel world where there’s everything’s made of marshmallow and the only mode of transport is by floating on clouds. You wanna go to that place now don’t ya? Don’t ya! Go on then, press play.

There’s plenty more of that warm fluffy folky goodness at any one of Still Parade’s inter web pages. Just click for theirWebsiteFacebook, YoutubeTwitter or Soundcloud and fill your boots. 



Last up for the week, and sticking with the folky vibe, we’ve got Swiss duo From Kid. Cos let’s face it, after mellowing out to a bit of Still Parade, you don’t wanna start listening to throbbing house do ya. So yeah, I’ve stuck with a folk base, but taken the pace up a notch and added a dash of synth pop, some infectious programmed percussion along with some beautifully melancholic vocal harmonies, by way of their recent single ‘Come In’. Taken from their forthcoming album, You Can Have All The Wonders, which is released at the end of Jan, I reckon it’s just the ticket to see us out for the week. Lovely stuff.

Want to hear some more of those delicate harmonies? I don’t blame ya. And luckily there’s more where that came from over on From Kid’s WebsiteFacebookYoutubeTwitterSoundcloud, & Instagram pages. 

J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix – Hannah Peel // Find Peace


Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… And as our first acknowledgement of that here at YHM, how’s about an icy cool Christmas track from multi instrumentalist Hannah Peel. Produced by electronic wiz Benge, it’s got to be the most atmospheric & effecting christmas song we’ve ever heard. Or in recent memory at least.

Being released as a 7″on the 1st December by Dutch festive label the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, it’s got to be an early stocking filler surely? There’s also a B-Side still to come in the shape of a cover of Greg Lake’s classic ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’, which just so happens to be daddy Laubscher’s favourite xmas song ever, so I need not tell you how excited we are about hearing that- like a kid at christmas you might say…


Pick ‘n’ Mix – Lanks // Beach House


It’s almost that time of year again guys and gals. Yep crimbo’s a’coming and what that means in terms of the music world is that no more decent new albums get released and instead the charts begin filling up with rehashed ‘Best Of’s, an abundance of ‘Greatest Hits’ and as many of the ‘World’s Best Christmas Album Ever, Ever, Ever, In The Whole Wide World. Ever’s as you can handle.

What that in turn means for my Purchase Of The Weeks is that I really don’t/ won’t have a great deal to write about from now probably until the New Year, so unless someone bucks this usual industry trend and decides to release an absolute belter of a record that’s entirely original, there may well not be anymore POTW’s this year :( . Dry your eyes though as I’ll still pop up with my New Music Takeaway’s, and I might even muscle in on a few of the lads’ Remember Me’s or Weekend Warm Up’s if I get bored. I’ll probably also do another new music round up of ‘One’s To Watch’ for 2015 soon for ya’s too, but for now here’s a cheeky Pick ‘n’ Mix from one of my previous New Music Takeaway‘s new single from the quite brilliant, Lanks (that dude above), called ‘Beach House’…

J x