Pick ‘n’ Mix – Kodaline // Love Will Set You Free

Have a little watch of this new video of Kodaline’s new track and then see if you can guess what’s special about it without scrolling down and cheating…


Courteney Cox directed it. Yes that’s Monica from Friends. Woozers, bet that set was directed under military precision… Good though innit.

Kodaline Courteney Cox


Jasper’s New Music Takeaway – Le Son // TRACK PREMIERE


Something exciting is happening today, you can feel it can’t you? That electricity in the air. You know it’s there, it’s got you all on edge and your fight or flight response is currently going ruddy mental. Well let me tell you why that is. It’s because today we here at Your Hands Music, we are unveiling a track premiere for the first time EVER. And this is in no way due to the fact we haven’t been asked before, oh no. I think actually I’m rambling on a bit and selling this event short here, cos you know, it’s a WORLD PREMIERE folks, and it will without doubt, be easily the best premiere you’ll come across this day, anywhere in the world, guaranteed. So you might say, it’s the WORLD’s BEST WORLD PREMIERE. Going a touch overboard now? Sod it I’m excited and busting with pride that such absolutely awesome new act would actually want us to host such a prestigious event for them.

Deep breaths…….. ok, let me tell you a little bit about these guys. They’re a new, upcoming boy/ girl duo (as you can see), Liam Fergus & Emily Ady, from South East London who both graduated from a tip top music course at Goldsmith’s Uni, and have since branched out and spread their creative wings to forge three downtempo, electronic masterpieces. The third of which being the one we’re premiering below- dunno if I mentioned that yet? Sitting somewhere between London Grammar, Daughter, Evvol & The Invisible (and anyone who knows me knows that Dave Okumu is a God to me, so that comparison is high praise indeed), with Emily’s sultry, soulful vocals topping jazz tinged, ambient sounds and synth textures, to produce a unique sound that’s experimental yet with just enough hooks to keep a toe in the mainstream pop world. The general vibe is both otherworldly and intoxicating, and if you don’t like it, you’re bonkers. So sit back, bang the volume up, shut those peepers and prepare to be swept away by the WORLD PREMIERE (had to get that in just one more time) of ‘Oscillator’ from Le Son….

Didn’t I tell ya how good that is. You wanna hear more I know, so I ain’t gonna stand in your way, get yourself over to these pages and immerse yourself in more Le Son amazingness - Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

J x

Pick ‘n’ Mix – The Beach // Maybe?

Latest single from aousticy/ singer songwritery/ folk pop sensation The Beach. It’s good. Real good. It’s so good Zane Lowe premiered it on his Apple Music Beats 1 show. Fancy hey.

That’s the title track from The Beach’s forthcoming E.P. which comes out on October 9th. But if you just can’t wait that long for a bit of Beach action, get yourself down to The Social in London on either 7th, 15th or 28th September cos he be playing live there.

The Beach by Joshua Halling 3